My go to natural hair styling product,SHEA BUTTER

Like many new naturals, I was looking for a product that would make my hair soft and shiny. I was hearing good stuff about many products but as a college girl on a budget, I simply can’t afford to be a product junky. I had neither the money nor the time for trial and error with new products so I did my research.

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I knew what my hair liked and didn’t like so I could deduce whether this new product I was eyeballing would work for my hair.
Yes! You guessed it! Shea butter was my hair’s new best friend. It made me put my Blue Magic Coconut Oil on the back burner! This product worked wonders for my hair. I have coarse 4a-4c hair with fine/medium strands and this product worked well on all my textures.

Let’s test the Shea Butter

To test the Shea Butter I tried it for a wet twist out. I applied it to freshly washed and deep conditioned hair in small  to medium sections. As I applied the butter to my hair I could immediately notice a difference. It made my strands feel a lot smoother as the butter melted off my fingers and onto my hair. The next morning after sleeping on my twists covered by a satin bonnet I noticed that the twists were not squished, they were still fluffy and moisturized. I had loads of definition as you can see:

Would I recommend it?

I would definitely recommend this product. It may not work for all hair types though as some women find it to be too heavy for their hair. Shea Butter also has skin benefits so purchasing this product is worth it. It not only moisturizes and seals the hair but it does the same for the skin, it has properties that help with several skin issues such as stretch marks, eczema and even minor burns. It has many other potential benefits. What other products have that? So if it doesn’t work for your hair it may well be useful for your skin and to me a product like that is worth trying out. That is definitely smart shopping. For more information on Shea Butterhttp:// .

In Jamaica, you can find raw Shea butter at

Earth Elements in Savannah Plaza, Kingston or you can purchase online at .They have competitive prices. Trust me, I’m hooking you guys up. I’ve been to other stores that will remain nameless and the prices aren’t college girl budget friendly. The prices for products at Earth Elements are all inclusive of tax.

If anyone decides to check them out let me know or tell them Candi sent you. I hope this post was helpful.

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