It’s Monday. A day most people view as the worst day of the week. Insert I hate Monday’s memes.
I can understand that view. I work a 8:30-5 (yes I said 8:30-5 those are my actual work hours) and yes a weekend of two days is definitely not enough.
But Monday’s are like a new lease on life for me. The start of a new week to accomplish new things, and change the old me of last week.
However on a day like today it’s easy to sink into the Monday blues when I’ve been waiting for a taxi to transport me to my next destination for over 30 minutes.
No taxis. A phenomenon I’ve actually grown accustomed to unfortunately. Living in the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica waiting for a taxi has become a new hobby. I’m being sarcastic of course. I don’t think waiting for anything for an extended period is fun but hey, I’m a little impatient.
I guess it makes sense then that at this juncture of my life I’m being forced to wait for a taxi and rather than get upset I’m blogging about it. Maturity. I’m becoming patient.
While that is great, this wait this morning will definitely put a damper on my Monday mood and efficiency at work. It’s a crippled cycle. It goes a little like this:

  • I get to work late.
  • I start working late.
  • I do fewer tasks than planned.
  • I can opt to leave later to finish planned tasks but leaving work will be a challenge because the street my office is on is dangerous at night so I won’t.
  • I’ll have more tasks than usual on Tuesday.

And there you have it my plan for the week thwarted by an unreliable taxi system in rural St. Andrew. Despite that, I’ll still manage to complete all the tasks I need to because I refuse to dwell on the things I cannot change.
Moral: Life is challenging there will always be setbacks and obstacles but u can overcome them with strategic planning and an empowered attitude.
May you have peace like a river continually flowing through your life.
-Candi Nicole