Again. For the umteenth time I’m trying to put my talent to use and blog.
For years I’ve started and ended blogs not having the discipline to maintain a schedule and make posts. No posts to my WordPress website not to mention my Blogger or even my Weebly. Yes, I’ve tried all those blog sites to no avail. Whenever I got bored I moved to the next in search of fancier fonts and trendier page layouts.
Now in 2017 I’m at a cross roads of dissatisfaction with where I am in my life and the drive to do something about it. I’ve finally decided to make a move and keep making that move until my heart is content. I’m choosing to do something about my life’s current trajectory. Why wait for an employer to recognize the talent I already know I possess when I can practice and hone my craft here? Light bulb moment.
If you read this post you’re a real one, I’ll try not to bore you in future posts but this one is for me, to remember why I started when I feel like stopping again.
Let peace as a river be yours today and always.
-Candi Nicole