Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, Rib Kage is situated in the heart of the Hope Zoo, St. Andrew. A pleasant surprise to me. You see, I’ve been to the zoo twice in the last two years and I didn’t notice the addition of a restaurant. Perhaps the oversight was due to my excitement in admiring the animals and not much else. That aside, Rib Kage is a gem. The ambiance is the best I’ve experienced in all my years of dining (p.s. it hasn’t been that long I’m only 23, I’m extra).
Cradled within the beautiful trees and flowers Hope Gardens/Zoo is famous for, the Serengeti’s open floor plan and rustic, natural wood furnishings completes the true escape feel of the restaurant. Typically, a restaurant will have modern, attractive furniture that fail in the comfort department. Not so at Rib Kage, the table and chairs while both high, were perfectly compatible allowing me to dine in sublime comfort with good posture.
img_3716-1I had only sat down for a little while and I was already impressed but the true test would be in the actual dining and service experience.
And the service was impeccable! The food, delicious! The price was set to please. The price was probably what impressed me the most. Shocked there was no tax or service charge added to my total. I’m not sure if there was no tax at all or if the tax was already incorporated into the price of each dish. Either way I was happy with my total.
Customer Service
Now on to service. Earlier I said it was impeccable and I was extremely happy about that. My only issue was not learning our server’s name. I’d have loved to refer to her by name her and give her the props she deserves. She was an excellent waitress. She explained the wait time for the meals. She provided us with excellent service, she never forgot us. Our meal was was served quickly even after she warned us of a 20 minute wait time. Our glasses were never without water.
To add to the excellent service, my meal was exactly as it was described. Covered in a mix of herbs the shrimp was served on skewers with a side of coleslaw and a whole Irish potato with butter. The pairing was delectable, my taste buds did a jig. All in all the meal was deeply satisfying.
If you want to dine in a secluded and cool atmosphere, perfect for table talk, Rib Kage is the restaurant I would recommend. That’s all for this review.
Let me know if you decide to visit Rib Kage, Hope Zoo or if you have already visited feel free to comment and tell me your experience while there.
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“And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.” Ecc 3:13
-Candi Nicole