While we all strive to achieve our grandest dreams, happiness or contentment may be elusive along the journey. Don’t be dismayed I have a few tips for you on how to be just that: happy. Now I’m not picking these tips out of a hat but from my experiences and there is no way I can assure you happiness with these tips but they are certainly worth a try.
Tip #1 – Have good friends 
Imagine a fire being consistently blown at in all directions, eventually it will go out, but if the same fire was gently fanned when low it would stay alive and provide warmth.
It’s the same with friends. The wrong friends will exhaust you and leave you weak while the right ones will empower you. So, choose to be around people who elevate your thoughts, educate and motivate you, positivity and negativity are contagious. You don’t want to be the only optimist in a group of pessimists.   Imagine always having to prove your point to a group of people who refuse to understand your perspective. I say avoid the frustration altogether and befriend those who have traits that feed your optimism and growth.
Tip #2 – Do what you love
Now, this one may be difficult since for many people it’s not a daily reality, their job isn’t what they love but it pays the bills. If you fall into that category this tip may take extra effort on your part. This tip will require for you to make the time necessary to engage in activity you thoroughly enjoy outside of you work hours. Initially it may be difficult but as it becomes a habit you’ll find your mood will improve and it will overflow into other areas of your life.
Tip #3 – Love yourself
I strategically opted to have this as a midway tip. It’s often easier to handle the external issues than to face the true big ones which lie within. So after you’ve found better friends and start doing what you love there’s no way you can remain the same individual you were before. As you undergo your metamorphosis you must choose to love the person you are understanding the flaws and choosing to change those that negatively impact your growth all while falling in love with the new you. Take time out to pamper you. Take a look at old photos of yourself and laugh or cry, whichever seems right. Think about your body and personality, what’s your favourite feature and why?
Tip #4 – Be Grateful
While youre evolving you might get sidetracked by comparison. Instead set time in your day to reflect on your life, not someone else’s. It may help to write down 5-10 things you are grateful for each day. At the end of a week you would be surprised at the progress you’ve made not just in writing them but in what you’ve achieved in your life over the week.
Tip #5 –  Develop your relationship with God
In so doing you will realize the need for all the aforementioned tips. Contentment and peace are gifts the Lord gives because we will need it. Life isn’t easy but with grace all things are possible and you’ll definitely be happier knowing you always have someone in your corner, a forever friend. Pray, read the Word and bask in His presence and watch as the gifts of peace and joy become yours.
Peace & Blessings
Candi Nicole