pexels-photo-568027.jpegLike a treasure buried at the bottom of the sea so was she oblivious of her worth.

The precious gems she wore were incomparible to her worth but she couldn’t see it

Her face was washed with her tears every night when his love proved to be too much

He would hurt her and he called it love and she believed him

He was the only man she ever loved,

He took care of her her wants, her needs, she was his ‘QUEEN’

Despite her love for him she found happiness when he was gone and she was alone

She hated herself for feeling that way, how dare she?

Other women would kill for what I have, I am his wife after all,

But her heart bleeds with the truth of who she is

Her mind knows no rest

Her heart is heavy with suppressed emotions and expressions

The dread, the fear, the anxiety are all apart of her daily diet

Slowly the will to live disappears from her being

She’d rather die than appear a failure to her parents and peers

Till death do us part, let this love kill me!

She didn’t know her worth, she didn’t know it was ok…

 to be alone, to come up for air, to spread her wings, to run

to break his heart like he broke hers. To leave.

So the treasure was left buried, still waiting to be found.

Candi Nicole