10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated High School

Oh, high school! Those were the days, though I never thought I’d say those words, here I am 8 years later and there was a lot high school didn’t prepare me for. While I don’t expect high school teachers to teach students all there is to know about life I do believe certain amendments can be made to encourage student’s’ overall practical development as citizens of the world. So as we approach graduation season here are 10 things I wish I knew when I left high school:

  1. Life is expensive and it doesn’t get any cheaper unless you follow this blog where I provide tips and tricks on how to navigate life on a budget.
  2. It’s ok not to go to a university, depending on your field of study/work there are other forms of certification available and can be done at smaller organizations (i.e. Accounting, you don’t have to get a degree you can study at an institute for your ACCA certification).
  3. I can start a business even before I graduate and I can grow my business using support of the Jamaica Business Development Corporation: https://www.jbdc.net/
  4. Some of what I learn will be useless, soon after graduating I’ll discover that quite a bit of the knowledge gained will only be used when answering trivia as future studies will only focus on a select field of knowledge but it’s all a part of the process.
  5. Investing is a good way to earn extra money with little to no effort on my part. Always invest with a reputable party, I’d suggest a well-known brokerage firm (SSL, Mayberry Investments, JMMB etc).
  6. Parents know what they’re talking about. They’ve had the experience, they’ve seen it, they know, they are trying to help. Listen to them, sift through it and apply what you can to your situation.
  7. It’s never too early to start saving. Remember that commercial with Uncle Jimmy not preparing for retirement don’t be Uncle Jimmy.
  8. Some friendships won’t last, enjoy them while they do and be kind to each other.
  9. Exercise is important, that high metabolic rate will begin to slow.
  10. It’s okay to negotiate your salary. Probably not for your first job but once you’ve had some experience under your belt and a proven track record you should always negotiate.

As a bonus, here are five things I wish I had learnt whilst in high school:

  • How to drive

Though the resources for such a feat is beyond reach in this current economic climate  I think we should all be made aware of the rules of the road even if only in theory, so we can have a country of better pedestrians and drivers. Students should know what their rights are on the road.

  • Taxes 

In high school the only tax I knew about was general consumption tax; the tax that’s applied to next to everything in Jamaica. Products, services, you name it you’re probably paying G.C.T on it. As a student, you should know why it exists. Make it a math assignment, along with solving the equation/problem add that definitions of some terminology is required to round out the assignment.

  • How to write a resume

We could have skipped a few of the random spelling tests in English class and had some practice with preparing a resume, especially in our final year, for our quickly approaching future.

  • Civics

This course of study was once a part of the Jamaican education system, unfortunately, it skipped my generation, which could probably account for why a lot of young people lack an interest in the governance of the country and patriotism.

  • Scholarships

It would have helped to know about scholarships to fund my tertiary education. Student loans are not your friends but scholarships are a well-kept secret in high school.

Congratulations on graduating from high school!

If you’d like me to make this into a series on things every young person should know after graduation, leave a comment below.

Happy living.
Candi Nicole

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