I think it’s funny that as adults we struggle to find the confidence to accomplish things we boldly did as children.

I am speaking for myself here, from my own experience growing up. While to some I was considered a shy child I was also a rounded individual I did drama, sports and formed my own mini-magazine club (somehow I managed to convince 10&11-year-olds to spend their lunchtime with me creating a magazine; which was mostly filled with cuttings of newspaper comics). Looking back, however, I don’t think I was shy at all. I was a little, intense being with great dreams and plans and passions. I think there is something to be learnt from children in that respect.

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So much raw talent that hasn’t been weathered by adult concerns and responsibilities. I had no worry about how I’d pay my bills or how I’d survive the rest of my life but then you grow up and you’re consistently told consciously and unconsciously that you have to choose this one path to make money and survive often at the cost of whatever your true passions are and forgetting the many other talents you possess. You lose your voice, your freedom, your sense of purpose. You’ve exchanged passion for worry, fear and anxiety forgetting that you were fully equipped for this life journey from the very beginning, you just picked the wrong tools. The right tools are those that you left behind in your childhood.

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I’ve always wanted to be a writer and as a child, I had no real idea of how that dream would come to fruition but the desire has never left me. As I grew I allowed outward voices to sway me. I decided to put away “childish things” and take the well-travelled route:  high school -> college -> find a job -> work, work, work, work. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that life path. In fact, I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to attain tertiary education and to be working with the organization I am currently employed to but for me, there’s more for me to accomplish. My purpose does not stop there. If you’re reading this and can identify with me so far, dare I say your purpose doesn’t end where you are either. Your voice needs to be heard and it is valuable.

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It may not be writing but whatever it is, it is achievable. Believe that, promise yourself you’ll take steps in a new direction (or if you’re already making moves, continue). It doesn’t have to be a giant leap but take a step a day.
Now I’ve said a lot but if you’re like me you’ll be craving practical ways in which you may move into intentional and purposeful living so I will bore you no longer. Here are 5 ways to start living a purposeful life:

  1. Buy a planner and use it. When you write things down you’re more likely to do it and you’re definitely more likely to remember to do it. It makes you more accountable and you can track progress made with every completed task you cross out.
  2. Make a to-do list daily. You want to make each day count so start with accomplishing the small things and bigger tasks will become a breeze.
  3. Pray about everything. Put God in everything and trust Him. The path you’re meant to take was made by His hand, you can’t go wrong if you pray and submit.
  4. Reward yourself. Always take time to relax and unwind after a job well done.
  5. Be present. Learn to participate in discourse, listen to others and share your thoughts too. You have a voice too, use it.

Although this post is titled finding your voice it’s not literal. It’s a metaphor for finding your purpose. I chose the word voice instead because a voice is heard and felt and can carry a message. I’m a writer so I thought it would be a cool spin.

Today’s blog post is a little different from my usual but it’s necessary. It’s a part of my purpose for this blog. I want to create a space or forum if you will for young people who want to live intentionally. I share practical tips on how I live my life in the hopes that it can help someone else.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s read. Have a great week everyone.

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