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Hey everyone,
I was nominated by the beautiful soul, Poetic Bells for this Get to know me tag, a simple yet fun way to get to know a little about me. Hope you enjoy. Check out her post here :  . Thanks for nominating me.
Here are the questions with my answers:
Your Full Name
My full name is Candi Rookwood
Your Birth Date
I was born December 29.
Your Nick Name
I actually have a bunch of nicknames but my mom calls me Can.
How Many Siblings You Have?
I have 4 siblings.
Your Nationality
I’m Jamaican, born and raised.
Which part of the Country you are From
I’m from St. Catherine but I now live in Kingston.
Your Mother Tongue
It’s English.
Where you currently Live
Still in Jamaica but in Kingston now.
What your Eye Colour is
I think it’s a dark brown.
What your Favourite Sport is
Ah a tough one, I’d have to say it’s tennis.
What your favourite colour is
I have a few, coral, green and black is my favourite shade, more often that not I will be dressed in black.
What your favourite time of the day is
I find that I have the most energy at night so night time is my favourite
I nominate:
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Rules of the tag:

Thank the Person Who Nominated You
Provide a Link to their Website
Answer the “Get To Know Me” Questions
Nominate the Bloggers.
Pass on the Same Questions ( With additional of yours, if you wish )
There’s my tidbit on myself I’m looking forward to learning more about you guys.
Peace and blessings,
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