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This week’s read will take the form of poetry. It’s been a while since my last poem post. Although I am quite guarded with this version of my creative expression it’s the easiest to post and I’m challenging myself to share.  So today I’ll share one from my past, enjoy.

Inevitable Beloved

Inflamed passion for rest possesses me

Gripping tight in a wet nostalgic embrace

Coughing out its disease upon my face

Slowly this venomous fluid seeps into me

Invading my body’s already weak defences

Throwing my epitomic peace of mind off-

Way off like a kite off a cliff’s edge

Soaring rapidly, then quickly diving-

To its demise, a blissful yet stinging experience.

The lids of my face stingingly shut-

Out the light, brightness, goodness and

Even love and I drift into the gravely experience

The light vanishes and now,

I see stars, moon and mystical sky lights,

Growing dimmer and dimmer I slip safely away

To a cloudless almost lifeless place but still breathing.

If you can tell me what this poem was about leave a comment I’d love to see your guesses.
Goodnight and have a great week!
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