4 Things This World Cup Taught Me

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Hi! I’m back with another post but this time I’m discussing something I don’t usually talk about but we’re 2 weeks away from the 2018 World Cup finals and I’ve learnt quite a bit so far so in true Sunny Side style (like the new name? leave a comment) I reflect on how we can apply the lessons learnt from the World Cup, here are my top 4 takeaways:

  1. There’s no I in team or as we say in Jamaica “no man is an island”. Despite one’s best efforts when it comes to team work all members need to perform at their best to have a chance at winning. I take that to mean I should surround myself with the best people possible so we can have a greater chance of winning at life. We all don’t have to have the same strengths but the strengths we do have should form the best whole.
  2. Life is unpredictable and it’s ok to be the underdog, eventually people will see what you’re capable of.
  3. Sports brings people together in a sort of magical way, whether you and your friends/ co-workers are supporting the same team or different teams everyone now has a shared topic to talk about for 30 days. Not to mention the viewing parties, taxi debates, the whole country seems abuzz making it hard for me not to partake.
  4. Your best efforts don’t always equal a win. Even with the best team and an unequivocally synchronized effort you may not win. Luckily for us non-football players we don’t have to wait another 4 years to redeem ourselves, as long as we’re blessed with another day we can try again.

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Enjoy the game and all the best to your team!  Who are supporting? are they still in the game? Leave a comment, you no longer need to sign in to leave a comment, try it out.
Have a great week!
Peace and Blessings.
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