Poetry Corner: Captive Soul

Another oldie but goodie. This one is nearest and dearest to my heart. It speaks to me in a way I never knew I needed to be spoken to. I’m happy to share it with the public finally, I hope it reaches deep.
I’ve had a very eventful day today and as you may realize by now busy days equal a poem post, so here you go:

Captive Soul

Hidden beneath bright eyes and wide smiles is a soul bonded by scars and hurt and pain

A soul so anxious for its next accuser it’s next inflicting of shame

A soul that fears the thought of the hour that daylight comes and the facade is back on and in full display

What use is this soul to society

What use is such a soul to itself

Anxiety and fear is the air it breathes and the blood that it’s heart pumps

The soul wishes it could wither away and be lost forever in the darkness of the night

Endlessly caressed by its two best friends but no longer tortured by the pretense

Unbound by a world who couldn’t appreciate its worth

Free to unmask and weep openly with no masked faces looking at it

Surrounded by sorrow but finally happy to be the soul it always was.

Have a great week!
Peace and blessings!