Storytime: Gone Girl

Rivers run and the days go by. The soft whistling of the wind in my ear reminds me of the song you used to sing. I heard a knock on my door, I turned to look if it was you but you weren’t there. You left me, cold and wanting. Starving.
Starving for your embrace, needed to hear your words brushing against my ears again just like the wind does now. But you are gone.
I’m sitting by the river counting the minutes as they inch on, each one seeming slower than the next. 10:30pm my watch reads, I’ve been here waiting for a sign of you but there is none. All I can hear is the rushing of the river and the music of the crickets. I get up and make an attempt to dust away the leaves and bits of grass and soil stuck to my legs.
I looked up and the moon was full and for a second I could see you and you were beautiful. Just as beautiful as you ever were. It was over. I could finally move away and start over because now I knew that as long as the moon was out you would be there with me.