Motivational Music Playlist

For those who know me personally,  know I’m a massive music fan. There is not a day I go without music and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share with you my faves. And in true Sunny Side style it’s not just any favourites, it’s a few of my faves for when I’m low on energy and in need of motivation to get through my day. Hope you enjoy.
Thunder, Imagine Dragons
Power, Little Mix
I Was Here, Beyonce
Calm Down, Skip Marley
Lions, Skip Marley
Believer, Imagine Dragons
These are just a few that I can remember right now but as I remember the others this list will be amended so you can always come back to it for more. Hope you’re inspired to have a purposeful week.
I’m signing out for the day, have a blessed week. Leave me a comment of your favourite songs to listen to to get motivated.

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