Back To School Essentials

Well, tomorrow is the official start of the school year for most schools in Jamaica and many parents are happy that the kiddos get to be back in school and out of their hair but the non-parents like myself are dreading the added traffic. All we can do is mentally prepare ourselves for the inevitable and try our best to be the earliest bird and get on and off the road before everybody else.

While preparing I had a thought, recalling my first days at school as far back as I can remember and it was always terrifying. As I approached the big gates after any major break/holiday I was always a bag of nerves. Sweaty palms, heart racing and my tummy hurling itself into unrehearsed somersaults. As soon as I passed through the gates all was still and well with the world again and I enjoyed another semester of school with my friends.
Ok, now. to be fair it wasn’t quite that simple but I’m going to share with you my essentials for a successful school semester or year and it all starts with the right preparation for the first day.

  • Buy and pack a journal

For reminders of all your assignments and sometimes just to write about how a particularly rough day went, a journal will be handy. Keep a record of all that you need to do each day and have a special page for the goals you have for the impending school year and don’t forget to check in with it every night to check all completed tasks.

  • Stock up on stationery

I remember all too well the days of the pop quiz that caught us all by surprise and left many of my classmates scrambling for pens and folder paper. Don’t let that be you. While everyone else has started on the test you’re losing valuable time to the stationery hunt.

  • D is for dictionary

As learning and growing boys and girls it’s important that we try our best to understand what we’re being taught and we have all had moments where we hear a new word and we’re like, “Huh” but we forget to look it up. That’s where your dictionary comes in.

  • The right attitude

I’ve heard many old adages in support of this point but I can’t remember a single one I can quote. Nevertheless the point is simple, the right attitude can change your entire perspective on an experience. Having a positive approach to school will yield positive results and it’s a good place to start.

  • Water is life

As a teenager or a preteen it’s easy to get caught up in the wonderful world of never ending sweets and sodas. Please don’t, instead, find a nice water bottle that matches your swag and fill it with water and challenge yourself to drink several refills a day. Your skin will thank you for it and it keep that pesky teenage acne at bay.

  • Don’t forget to pray

While physically preparing is important, getting ready spiritually is equally so. So if you have any anxiety about your new school or just a new grade your Heavenly Father is there for you. Talk to Him about it and it’ll all be fine.

There you have it, my few back to school essentials to get your school year off to a rocking start. I hope you all have a great week.
Peace and blessings