Bloggers Who Inspire Me

Hey there, welcome back. Thanks for stopping by, stay a while. Read a few posts, leave a few comments or not it’s entirely up to you I’m just glad you’re here. Now that you’re here let’s get right into it. I’m an open and voracious digital media consumer, there I admit it! I’ve come across many content producers/bloggers/vloggers some I liked immediately, some I grew to like and others that were a pain to watch. This post is dedicated to the vloggers I’ve watched grow significantly for over 7 years and they continue to be relatable and inspirational.
Back story
Although I’ve been watching these ladies for as long as I have I’ve never been one to have role models or people I aspired to be like. I can’t explain why but it’s never happened for me, until now. At 24, I’m finding it overwhelmingly important to find other individuals who have passed the level of life I’m currently battling. It’s especially helpful because they are all creatives just like me. As I pursue purposeful living I’m focused on surrounding myself with positive images and individuals not just in my physical life but in my virtual space as well. Here are 3 ladies who continue to inspire me with their:
Hard work
Passion & Creativity
First on the list is Lilly Singh also known as IISuperwomanII to her subscribers and fans on YouTube. Lilly’s following of over 14 million continues to grow for the same reason I’m writing this post, I hope lol. She’s unbelievably relatable with skits of awkward situations we’ve all been in at some point to raising awareness of women’s issues. Having been a subscriber from what feels like the very beginning her growth and advancement is deserved and her consistency is goals!   Check out her videos here:
Naptural85 is my hair goals. A wonderful mother, wife and incredible content creator. Without her videos about natural hair I don’t think I would have figured my natural hair without her well researched and innovative videos. She’s invented dare I say, several natural alternative products for hair care, her mango butter recipe is still saving my hairs life. Her hair care routine is my reference point of my own routine, I made a few tweaks but she got me to this point. Thanks Whit! Her ability to create useful content while being a full-time mom of two is a strength I admire. Check out her videos:
Evelyn from the Internets
Evelyn from the Internets is my sister from another mister in my head. She’s effortlessly hilarious. She’s a talented creative who also struggles with figuring out life just like the rest of us but she keeps going. I think she’s one of the main reasons I’ve restarted and continued my blog. She’s the proof that you don’t need to be perfect to inspire. Take a look for yourself and let me know how long you lasted through the video without laughing: