Post Vacation Blues

I’ve been back from my vacation for two days and I already feel drained. I feel the persistent jabs of sleep at my neck. I force it to stay up. I’m at my desk staring at the words on the screen watching as they blur and become clear again.
Then I get to thinking, maybe I need some sunlight, maybe I should get up and take a walk, it could do me well. But then I also ask myself, how many walks can I take without compromising my efficiency at work? Why do I even feel this way? How can I make it stop? Is this how everyone else feels?
I wonder, for a few seconds that seem to go on for much longer. When my vision clears I resume the cacaphonous clicks that are synonymous with productivity and I manage to survive another day. All while praying that my computer works as it should and I complete the tasks I set for myself.
I write this as a reminder to myself that though the sun will shine again it gets dark sometimes and that’s ok. It will not last. For now I’ll keep trying until my computer has no other choice but to submit to my undying will to succeed.
And that is exactly how my day went. Thanks for asking, 😉.
I hope you had a better day than I did but if you didn’t there’s always tomorrow as long as life is with us.
Stay blessed, and stay great.