Poetry Corner: Trying to Love

You guys already know what it is when there’s a poem post. My original post is not quite ready but I won’t leave you high and dry after my promise to you last week, so here’s a poem I penned in 2010. Enjoy.

Trying to love

If you are so increasingly clandestine

How could you ever be truly be mine?


Your heart has turned from red to black

And there is where I’m locked with no turning back


Your reticent behaviour sours all

It drives me crazy and even up a wall


Sometimes I wonder about your past

What made you so cold, callous and rash?


However I don’t bother to ask

‘cause I know you hate to be taken to the task


Of telling me the truth

And letting me understand the true you.


I seek after your love earnestly

But that black heart blocks me effortlessly


I ask myself why do I even try with you

‘cuz lord knows loving you is the hardest thing I ever had to do.

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