Foodscapades: Majestic Sushi and Grill #RW2018

My experience at Majestic was fantastic overall.

The night started off a little rocky due to the fact that my boyfriend and I were initially offered seating at the sushi bar (which I declined because even though I love sushi, I hate the smell of raw fish) or the actual drinks bar – which had no decor, poor lighting and limited table space. We were not happy. I wanted to leave actually. Fortunately, a group left shortly thereafter and we were offered seating in the main area. I loved the comfortable lounge-like seating, the decor was simple and conducive to relaxed conversations.

I ordered the steam chicken dumplings – they were ok, a little bland. My boyfriend’s order of fried calamari was amazing – that hint of spicy curry was perfect. The miso soup was a little salty though. The garden salad was fresh as usual.
I ordered rolls – teriyaki 11 and torched salmon. I’m not really a fan of cooked rolls but they were the most expensive ones based on the regular menu so I thought they must be the best. They were really good. The teriyaki roll was especially nice  (it had squid on top). My boyfriend’s order of teriyaki salmon and rock shrimp was good too. He said the salmon was really good – a sweet, spicy taste with a lovely sear but he thought the shrimp was just average. We were surprised his salmon dish wasn’t served with rice (only string beans) and so we ordered fried rice at an additional cost. The fried rice was……. not good but not bad, just different.
By the time the staff came with the desserts of ice cream, chocolate cake and fried cheesecake we were full. They were standard.
The service was absolutely lovely as well.

Written by: Blog Contributor