Foodscapades: Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine #RW2018

The premise of restaurant week is to provide Jamaican foodies with discounted meal options from varied restaurants across the island. For me it’s the time of year I venture out beyond the walls of my comfort zone and dine somewhere I’ve never been and try new foods.  This year was no different in that regard as I tried Mediterranean food for the first time.  But when it came to cost this year restaurant week took a new approach. Instead of the usual all inclusive  pricing for each category, the 3 course meal was the only thing included in the price quoted for each category, which meant drinks, service charge and G.C.T were all at an additional cost. Luckily I saw the Restaurant Week ads prior to deciding to attend so I was not too surprised at the bill when it came. Although for the future this might be a deal breaker, I’ll keep you posted.

Now that I’ve shared with you all the formalities and nuances of this year’s restaurant week, lets get to the meat of the matter. I’ll be reviewing Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine, located at 67 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston.

  1. Taste
  2. Price
  3. Customer Service


As far as tastes go my taste buds were delighted by the new flavours I indulged in. Beirut’s restaurant week menu had interesting choices, but I opted for the hummus with lemon juice and olive oil served with falafel bread as my appetizer. The hummus was a very new taste for me but I liked it but boy was it a lot and super filling. I had to stop eating it to leave room for my next course.

Then I had Shrimp Stroganoff for my entree, with some of the sweetest sweet peppers I’ve ever tasted. The long grained rice it was served with was also a first for me and it was yummy.


For dessert, I had chocolate cake to fulfil my week long craving. It was moist and fluffy but I’d have liked it a little softer but it was still a good cake.


The whole meal was more than my stomach could handle. It took some strategizing to eat each course because everything was so filling. Although I tried I ended up with two doggy bags and I was more than happy to have the leftovers the next morning. It was that good.


Like I mentioned earlier I was aware of what the price would’ve before I got to the restaurant. As a result the price was no more than I had estimated it to be. I’ve never dined at Beirut before so comparing it to the brief look I had of the everyday menu the price we paid still seemed like a deal. Either way the quantity and quality of our meal was well worth the money spent too. Mediterranean food gets a thumbs up from me!

Customer service

The customer service was commendable though my server didn’t introduce himself. He was diligent in serving us with only one mix- up with my order of chocolate cake instead of the cheesecake he presented me with. It was quickly and as you can see I had my chocolate and it was rich and delicious.

All in all, Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine gets all 5 stars. The ambiance was good too. They had indoor and outdoor dining. We dined inside and it was cozy with warm lighting. There were TVs on for when there was a lull in conversation. It’s the perfect spot for a quiet or even not so quiet dinner with lovely food.

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