24 Things I Learnt Being 24: Day 1

Invest your time and energy wisely.

There’s nothing worse than wasted time. In primary school we learnt a gem (as we called them) we used to repeat daily. I can’t quite remember the words but the essence was that wasted time can never be regained. A lesson I think we all should learn. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a devoted advocate for a balanced life filled with equal rest and relaxation. But when that procrastination devil comes to whisper in your ear you should say no. Your dreams are too big to remain in your mind. Your dreams were meant to grow, bloom and bring forth fruit (aka money) and none of this will happen without your energy and time to fuel it.

Your time and energy is a commodity and it has value. It should cost for someone to use it, including you. Why spend all day doing something that profits you nothing? I’m not talking about money here. I’m talking about the enrichment you receive from the things that occupy your time. Are you learning, healing, or relaxing? If you aren’t being developed in some way the activity you’re engaging in should be re-evaluated for its usefulness to you. Don’t waste your precious time.

Distractions are a dime a dozen. I can speak on this as a champion procrastinator with many years of experience under my belt, the distractions will always be there. It takes you deciding with all the power of your mind and the will of your body to achieve the dreams that populate your mind. I always saw glimpses of what I could be when I won awards on projects I procrastinated on. What if I actually tried? What if I spent more time and effort on the project? The thoughts would always cross my mind and I knew the answer. I could be amazing if I made the effort.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as breaking one bad habit. It took me a while to gain consistency on my blog but I always had the goal in my mind. To set your life on a new trajectory it may take a complete transformation, cutting ties and habits which no longer serve you, an accountability statement and a daily planner to track your progress. Your time is precious but it can easily slip away without notice. We don’t want that. It takes a determined mind to hone in on what needs to be done and do it and I think we are all capable.

How can you achieve this? I say starve your distractions and feed your focus for the new year. Your ideas won’t hatch without the work and you can’t wish your dreams into reality either. Invest your time and energy into constructing the environment where you’ll be able to grow and bloom. Partner with likeminded people, seek inspiration and guidance and take each day as it comes. It won’t always be good but in time you’ll see a difference.

This 24th year has taught me success isn’t easy. Half baked efforts equal half baked results. I just wanted to share that with you guys. A lot can happen in a year. I started the year without any motivation to blog. Four months into the year I set a goal for myself and here I am at the end of the year with 56 posts exceeding the amount I would have posted for full a year in 3/4s of the time. It’s all possible when you invest your time and energy wisely.