24 Things I Learnt Being 24: Day 2

Patience is key.

If you know me I’m not always the most patient person in the world but in recent years my that’s been my biggest test.

Waiting for the right job, waiting for the right car, waiting for my savings to be enough to buy said car, there were plenty of times when all I could do was wait and it was hard.

There were times I felt I had to do something more, I wanted to help God to move things along but that wasn’t the answer. Looking back there was nothing that I could do to make it happen any faster than it did.

As I get older and wiser I do realize that though it may sound cliche, everything does happen in its time. This doesn’t mean you stop working or striving but it does mean you don’t need to be discouraged if an emergency comes up and impacts your savings. The “setback” is only a setback in your mind because of the timeline you’ve set for yourself. Your end goal won’t be affected, trust God’s timing. It’ll all come together as it ought to.

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