Procrastination doesn’t win, perseverance does.

I’ve always known this to be true but procrastination was the blanket I clung to when the possibility of failure existed. If I tried to achieve something and it didn’t work out my excuse could then be: “I didn’t even try that hard”.

This year I decided I would no longer teeter at the edge of my potential but I’d make the plunge and commit my all to at least one goal. Can you guess what goal it was? I think you can.

I committed to at least one blog post each week and I found as time progressed I was able to make multiple posts some weeks. Sometimes it was hard though because I had no motivation, I had several tasks to complete each weekend and no idea what to write about. For those weeks I resolved to publishing my poetry which kept me on track.

Look at me now though, committing an even greater amount of energy and effort in posting everyday for Blogmas.

I say if I can do it so can you. That idea you have, that goal, that business, whatever it is you can do it! Take the small steps you know you need to take until you can take the big ones.