24 Things I Learnt Being 24:  Day 7

You shall have what you say.

A spiritual, personal mantra of mine that gets my mind and my spirit aligned to a singular purpose and belief. A showcase of the strength of faith aligning with God’s purpose for my life.

It’s a simple concept that has made all the difference in my life this year. After years of praying and speaking, I was finally able to see the things I spoke about become manifest. It’s not by magic and I don’t believe in the universe. It’s by faith in an all powerful God who cares for me far more than I can imagine. I truly believed I could have the things I spoke about and as a result I now possess these things.

This isn’t only about physical possessions but other areas of weakness in your life can be improved too. Take insecurity for example, you can grow past that if you speak positively over yourself. Say “I am confident and trusting person” even when your actions don’t match up yet, keep saying it until it does.

Speaking positively takes a lot of you but it will definitely take you a lot closer to where you want to go. Take time to examine yourself and your habits and make the necessary improvements.

What will you be doing differently after today?

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