10 Things We’re Not Doing In 2019

The New Year is upon us and I’m not one to do resolutions but a new year is a new day to do things right and change our lives. I write this post as a reminder to myself as much as to all of you, to take this opportunity to unleash your best self in 2019. In order to do so, we’ll have to kick a few things to the curb, like;

    1. Focusing on anyone’s progress more than our own. We won’t envy or cover our neighbour for the journey God has them on.
    2. Procrastinating. We won’t waste any more of our God-given time and talents.

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  1. Leaving God as a last-ditch effort. Instead, we will… In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. Put him first and put in the work and you’ll be surprised at how everything aligns. Don’t be afraid to ask for his help and guidance in everything you do or plan to do.
  2. Lying to ourselves about our feelings. Own your feelings, they’re yours, you’re entitled to them. After you acknowledge them you must overcome them, don’t wallow. Don’t let them overtake your life.
  3. Having unhealthy relationships. That stops in 2019. Be honest with yourself and evaluate all your relationships and ask yourself if it supports the person you want to become. If it does you keep it, if it doesn’t, it’s time to call it quits.
  4. Dwelling negatively on our failures. We won’t fixate over our shortcomings but we’ll strategize ways to overcome them.
  5. Living above our means. That’s a no-no for 2019. We won’t cause ourselves any unnecessary grief to appear to be what we’re not.
  6. Neglecting self-care. As hard as we’ll work to become better on the inside it’s good to look and feel good about our external appearance too. So we’re going to take care of our bodies.
  7. Speaking negatively over our lives. Our words have power so we must use them wisely. For every negative thought that crosses your mind replace it with an opposite positive thought and speak those words instead. Say it until you start believing it.
  8. Admitting defeat to our fears. Our fears were never meant to hold us back. It is definitely within us to conquer our fears even when we doubt ourselves, do it anyway. Take the risk!

How are you becoming your best self in 2019? What are you leaving behind in 2018? Leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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