Goal Setting|To-Do List For 2019

For the month of January, I’ve been in a reflective and planning mode. Goal setting for me is essential to having a fulfilling year. So far all my January posts have been geared towards analyzing last year and preparing for this new one.

To close out the first month of the year it only makes sense that I share with you some of the goals I’ve set for the year ahead.

Enter a writing competition.

I entered a local competition in 2017. Paid the entry fee, handed in my hard copies but completely forgot to email the soft copies so my entry couldn’t truly be considered. This year I want to try again and get everything right this time and see where I rank.

Write my first book.

I won’t pressure myself to have it publish but just to have it written would be a great milestone. To achieve this goal I’m going to commit to writing a paragraph a week. It’s not a lot but I’m sure it adds up.

Visit somewhere new on my island.

Wherever I visit I’ll be sure to take you along for the ride. So look out for it on the blog and on Instagram.

Become a mentor

This was one of the main reasons I joined my high school Alumnae executive. It’s one of my greatest dreams to be able to impact a young female’s life the way several powerful women impacted mine.

Start my first business

Stay tuned to the blog to see more on this. This one is for you guys. I look forward to your support.

Host a giveaway

For my faithful readers and supporters, I’m hoping to be able to host a giveaway in the second quarter of the year after I’ve achieved some blog goals and gathered the goodies! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted. Like us on Facebook @TheSunnysideja for updates. The giveaway will be hosted there.

Buy new books

I’ve had my eye on a few books I’ve been wanting to read for a while now. The Subtle art of not giving a f**k being one of them. Have you read it? Is it good? Let me know in the comments and you share your book suggestions too!

Eat healthier meals and snacks

We all probably have some fitness goal for this year and I’m no different. While I have made healthier meal choices over the past year I’m yet to find a healthy, affordable snack to incorporate into my diet. I’m open to suggestions guys? Emphasis on the affordable guys.

Try new restaurants

The Foodscapades will continue this year! Food & restaurant reviews are cornerstone content on this blog and though it’s been a while we’re bringing it back to the forefront. I’m making it my mission to have at least one review every quarter.

Learn to code

To advance my blog and my skills I want to learn how to code. I’ve made it this far with a basic understanding of how code works but it’s time for the next level and I’d want to optimize my site even further.

There you have it 10 of my goals for 2019. Now I challenge you to make a list of your goals if you haven’t already and make them happen this year! Let’s do a quarterly check in to see how well we’re doing.

Happy goal achieving!

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