Five Easy Ways To Relieve Stress

More than ever I’ve found myself needing easy ways to relieve stress. At the turn of 2019, I’ve been met with incredible opportunities for growth and a greater deal of responsibility. All of which I’ve welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately, however, for me, that means an influx of pressure and stress I had no prior experience dealing with.

Suddenly, the hours in the day never seem enough and there’s always a list of things left to be done. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. All this new work is taking me to the next level in my career and I can’t help but be excited.

Although I’m excited this post is about how I relieve work life-related stress. Of course, with full days 7 days a week it’s easy to become overwhelmed and the workload takes its toll. The excitement eventually fades and things become stressful. To keep my stress levels in check I typically do at least one of these five things:

1. Netflix Time

When everything gets a little too much and I feel myself being cornered by all I need to do I’ll break away and find one of my favourite tv shows or movies and unwind. I’ll let my actors suck me into their world and for as long as I watch I forget I even have work to do.

2. Exercise

For a while, I used to side-eye gym junkies who claimed to be energized by working out. I didn’t get it. I always just felt exhausted. But today I can proudly say I’ve officially become one of those people. Working out is therapy for me. I find the right mix on SoundCloud and it’s on! Afterwards, the adrenaline rush is worth every burn and stress is only just a memory.

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3. Organize/Prioritize

To avoid becoming overwhelmed I like to create a to-do list daily and check things off as ago. I don’t do this every day and the days that I don’t I definitely regret it. There’s nothing more stressful than having a lot to do and trying to maintain a mental checklist of it all. Some things will definitely get lost in the madness. Save yourself the stress and write it all done as best as possible. The satisfaction you’ll feel at the end of the day when you can tick all or most things off will be well worth it.

4. Set clear work and rest times

Even on my busiest day, I try to have a work-free lunch break. I step away from my desk and engage in another activity that gives me joy. Whether it’s catching up on some of my YouTube favourites while I eat or having a chat with a coworker I take the time to consciously unplug from work and relax. Likewise, I don’t make a habit of taking work home from many day jobs. I know for some of us it’s inevitable but I suggest trying to limit it where possible. We already spend most of our hours and days at work so it’s very important that we give ourselves enough to unwind.

5. Plan and take vacations

This one is to not only escape work life but your regular routine too. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been and learn something about yourself and the place you visit. Live your best life. Take enough time away to forget that it even exists for a while. I personally take about two trips each year to relax on a beach in a parish on my island far away from my home. If you can visit another country that’s even better. Take in the culture, the people, the fresh air and everything else nature has to offer. Just relax.

Those are the five easy ways I relieve stress. Tell me, what ways do you relieve stress?

Have a great week

– Candi Nicole

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