5 Habits To Adopt For A Happier Life

The truth is life isn’t easy but it’s an amazing experience when we look at it with the right lens. To help you see it with the right attitude I’ll share 5 of my personal habits that help me to have a happier life. My life isn’t perfect and probably will never be but I can say I’m happy most days. Happy, despite the days I’m forced to write my blog posts using my phone’s data plan because my wifi is down. Happy despite the many challenges I face on a weekly basis.

Many of us spend our lives in search of happiness. The emergence and development of social media continue to negatively impact our sense of self. The battle is on to be truly content with who we are and where we are in life. It’s a hard one. The dreams we have for our lives may not be forthcoming and setbacks are inevitable but there are still ways to enjoy life just the way it is. In the earlier life of my blog, I made a similar post. I shared with you Five Ways To A Happier You.

Here are 5 more habits to adopt for a happier life:

Be grateful/Start a gratitude journal

Practice being grateful for everything. Express gratitude aloud daily. Make them into daily affirmations. For me, the moment I wake up in the mornings I thank God for life and the opportunity to do his will. I thank God for my family, friends, health and everything else I can think about. Similarly, you can start a gratitude journal to write down all the things you are happy about that has happened to you each day.

Stop comparing yourself

This happens to all of us at some point. social media tends to foster this unhealthy habit. To combat it, unfollow or unplug from any platform/person that makes you feel uncomfortable and unworthy. Focus on your journey and the steps you’re making towards your goals.

Enjoy your own company

I’m often happiest when I’m alone. I understand that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s very important to find joy in your own company. Shower yourself with love. Laugh at your own jokes.

Let go of grudges

Forgiveness is healing for the heartbroken. Forgiving the person who hurt you helps you to move on without the baggage. The lighter your emotional load the happier you’ll be.

Get enough sleep

A new survey of over 8,000 Britons has found that sleep has the strongest association with well-being.RED magazine

I’m a loud and proud advocate for sleep. Being well-rested makes me feel like I can conquer anything and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you. Establish how many hours you need to get your best rest and stick with it to maximize your daily productivity.

Have a good week.


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