Self Care Sundays: Springtime Self Care

It’s springtime in Jamaica and I’m happy about it. I still get the coolness of living on a hill and the warmth when I’m on my way to work and decide to roll my windows down. Now that the weather is nice and warm my skincare routine has changed a little. For starters, I’m using a new toner that I’m loving and I’m no longer using a face-specific cleanser. Before I tell you any more of the details let’s jump into the post.

Today’s post will be a collaboration between myself and the lovely Ornella over at @Astoldbynella. I’ll leave her links at the end so you can head over to her blog and read her post.

Self-care is a big part of how I stay happy and healthy. It’s just a fancy new phrase to describe the ways you take care of yourself and I love using it. In a time where chasing your goals can consume you it’s very important that we all slow down and pay attention to our bodies’ needs. If you’re new to self-care I have a brief post on it that will give you an introduction to it. But this post will be an expansion on that.

Here are five steps in my self-care routine tailored for the springtime.

1. Drink lots of water

As the weather heats up I inevitably get thirstier so I always have a bottle of water at arm’s reach. I have a water bottle that I refill a few times a day to stay on top of my water intake. This way I spend less on small bottles of water while staying hydrating. My office has a water dispenser so it’s easy and I also have one at home. I’d suggest buying the larger bottles of water with the water dispenser attachment from Blake’s Water Store if you’re in Jamaica. It’s quite cost effective and lasts a week or more at a time.

2. Take your vitamins

Springtime means pollen and the flu and for many of us, that’s a nightmare. Thankfully my allergies aren’t that bad. To avoid getting the flu though I take my multivitamins daily to keep my immune system strong and running well. Last year when I lapsed on it I got sick twice. I don’t want that happening again. I like preventative medicine because I’m not a fan of doctors or hospitals so I do my best in self- care routine to keep me away from them both. Besides the necessary check-up of course.

3. Skincare switch up

For me, spring can be a weird time for my skin but I’m grateful that this year I’ve seemed to have found the right regimen. It’s pretty simple. All I use is a regular bath soap to cleanse my face and body. I had some irritation on my body and I stopped using body wash a few weeks now until it cleared up. Now that the irritation is gone the simple bath soap is doing my skin well. My skin is soft (particularly my face) and my back acne is far less. For my face I’m using this calming facial toner I bought from Earth Elements. It comes in a spray bottle so I’ve been spraying it onto my face rather than rubbing it on with a cotton swab and that’s working for me. I’ve had fewer breakouts over the past weeks.

4. Get More Sleep

Chasing your dreams is exhausting. I don’t know about you guys but whenever I use my brain I get extremely hungry and I’m tired at the end. To recuperate and fully function at optimum the next day rest is essential. I’m a bit of a grump without enough sleep so to avoid that I try to get enough every night. Truthfully I don’t get the full 8 hours but I try to get as close to that as possible.

5. Get Physical

If you work in an office like I do it’s especially important to have time off your butt and get your heart pumping. I’ve been slacking on my jump rope routine but I do squats and other leg exercises every day. Find an exercise routine you enjoy and stick to it. As you know I’m a big fan of jumping rope and I recommend for almost everyone. It’s a fun way to lose weight and stay fit. For the springtime and going into the summer, I’ll get back on it and shed these love handles for bikini season.

That’s it guys that’s how I self care into the springtime. Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to check out Ornella’s post on her blog. Here are her links as promised:





Have a great week guys.


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