Summer Skincare: How to care for your skin In the summer

Heat, heat and more heat is what’s been predicted for this summer. Last weekend Jamaica recorded its hottest day ever. As rising temperatures continue to send us in search of air conditioning or water bodies protecting our skin from the sun’s rays is becoming increasingly important. No one wants wrinkled or sun-damaged skin. So of course here at Simply Candi Nicole, I’d have to come in with the summer skincare tips to keep you looking your best all summer long.

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Use sunscreen daily

No matter your race or complexion sunscreen is a must-have before any prolonged sun exposure. Going to the beach or just going for an early morning? Grab your sunscreen before you head out. Going swimming? Remember to reapply as advised. I’ve never been sunburnt before but by all reports I’ve heard, it’s a pretty painful affair. Don’t let that be you this summer.

For my acne-prone friends with hyperpigmentation, sunscreen is a great help in reducing the darkening of acne spots.

Limit sun exposure

To further protect your skin and overall health be mindful of how much time you’ll be spending under the sun this summer. With the daily temperatures being what they are, not only are you at risk of sun damage but heat strokes and dehydration.

So for your beach days, take breaks. Find a shaded area to lounge when you’re not swimming.

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Stay hydrated

On a regular day, this tip is important so of course, when it’s hot we’re on high alert. If your workspace is outdoors, ensure that you double your water intake. Taking these necessary precautions will help you avoid dehydration. I’d suggest drinking around the clock and not just when you feel thirsty.

Keep a water bottle around. Don’t have a water bottle or the facility to refill? Buy a larger bottle or two and keep them around as you work.

Now if you work indoors you’re not exempt, continue to drink your 8 glasses a day.  

Include more hydrating face masks

Sheet masks are on trend and in this heat they can be especially refreshing. Grab your favourite moisturizing sheet mask after a long day and unwind to your favourite songs.

Ran out of sheet masks? Pick up new ones with Sally Beauty and buy one and get one free.

Switch out lotions for light oils

I got this tip from a fellow blogger Jhunelle over at . Lotions can be heavy and leave you sticky after a hot day. An alternative could be to use an oil or body oil of your choice to add lustre to your skin.

And if you’re looking to get tanned this summer, oils are the way to go. Not only do some oils have natural sun-blocking capabilities but they’re also good for creating glowy skin.

Protect your eyes

The skin around your eyes is sensitive. Protect it with your favourite sunglasses if you need to be in the sun. Also, avoid looking at the sun directly.

Need help protecting your eyes? Warby Parker’s 2019 Summer Collection can help.

Hope these tips help you stay glowy and hydrated this summer. Tell me some of the ways you plan to maintain your skin this summer in the comments below. Have a great week!


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