Must Watch Thriller Films On Netflix

I like thrillers. Anyone who knows me knows this to be true. There’s just something about a movie that challenges your cognition that stirs things up. A new level of entertainment. The idea to do this came on the hinge of my last Netflix recommendations being so well received, so here comes more.

This is the first part of the series. I’m starting with thrillers for those who love to be on the edge of their seats when watching a film.

These are not your typical jump scare films because I hate those. Instead I’ve listed films that are either a true story or a well written story. So if you’re into that these are for you.

Check them out but don’t forget to leave a comment you’ve seen them already and tell me your thoughts.



1 hour 46 minutes

It’s based on a true story. Need I say more?


Ouija: The Origin of Evil

1 hour 39 minutes

If you’re not a fan of a story book ending this one is for you.

Amityville awakening

1 hour 27 minutes

The most modern interpretation of the Amityville horror story. I’ve read the book and it’s nothing like the story but it’s an interesting spin.

The Conjuring 2

2 hours 13 minutes

Having never seen the original film the excellent story writing still managed to captivate me. I didn’t feel like the missed anything.

The Conjuring 2



1 hour 27 minutes

Unconventional but encapsulating. Suspenseful but probably full of plot holes but still enjoyable.

The Boy

The Boy

97 minutes

A slow film with an interesting twist. Not as cognitively challenging but still a good watch.


1 hour 28 minutes

Ever felt like you’re being watched? Then you probably shouldn’t watch this film.

The Voices

1 hour 47 minutes

If you’re a Deadpool fan and bored you should spare the 1 hour 43 minutes to watch Ryan Reynolds act even more deranged in “the voices”.

Have a great week.


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