Best Stores For Authentic Jamaican Lifestyle Products

Over the past year, I’ve discovered quite a number of Jamaican businesses. Young entrepreneurs, artisans, authors and so many other talented individuals. I love supporting local businesses. I’m a proud advocate for buying Jamaican and building Jamaica. With that said this post was inevitable.  Today I’ll  highlight several businesses i admire greatly that specialize in jamaican lifestyle products.

I think it’s a perfect opportunity to support the great work these Jamaican businesses are producing. I hope in writing this post, you my lovely readers will be persuaded to find a product you may love from any of the listed Jamaican businesses.

There are so many to choose from. Here are a few of my faves.


This is a Jamaica-based company that stocks “African print” bags, caps, purses and swimwear. Quaint also offers custom designs for that perfect gift for that special someone or yourself. Want to stand out from the crowd? Quaint is the place to shop.

quaint by gsc
Quaint bags

quaint bags

Twistie on the go

It only took an ingenious Caribbean national and female boss to come up with an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to pads/tampons. The Twistie cup is a foldable reusable cup a woman can use during her time of the month. Boasting no harmful chemicals in its creation the twisty cup is the future. If you’re tired of spending your hard earned money each month for disposable pads that are far from biodegradable the Twistie on the go is a great option for you to check out. As usual, for more information be sure to visit the Twistie on the go page on Instagram. Also, follow the creator on Instagram she’s chock full of wise words for the entrepreneur and life and style enthusiast as herself.

twistie on the go
Twistie on the go
twistie cup


Now it’s time for one of my personal favourites. Accessories! Handcrafted by another female boss. These gems are made from the elements. Copper and silver. Copper is believed to help relieve joint pain and stiffness as well as help with fighting aging. You can find the benefits of wearing silver here too.


Siwatu Jewelry

Another jewellery company who also has a great focus on personalization. perfect for gifts and staple jewellery pieces. some of my favourite pieces are the rings for men and matching personalized bracelets. my absolute favourite would be the African continent and Jamaica pendants.

Siwatu Jewelry


Ever heard of sorrel body butter? For those who might not know what sorrel is, it’s a herb Jamaicans typically boil into a drink at Christmas time. It’s honestly one of the best things I had a chance to test in my life. The smell is wonderfully fragrant and reminds me of my favourite time of the year. Want to get one of your own? You can get it from Ettenio as well as a long line of other natural skincare and hair care products. If you’re ingredient conscious this brand is for you.

Ettenio Instagram

Rustic Furniture

I like unconventional furniture with character. If that’s what interests you too, Rustic furniture may have what you need.

rustic furniture
Rustic Furniture

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Rustique Signs and Décor

I found this business from a Facebook ad I believe and I completely fell in love. Personalized designs on wood with a rustic finish, it’s like you’re calling me by name. The idea is beautiful. It’s the perfect place to purchase gifts for loved ones and to buy items that can make a house a home. For Jamaicans in the diaspora, it can be the perfect piece from Jamaican to remind you of home.

rustique signs and decor


Say goodbye to regular backpacks and say hello to locally made backpacks with a flair. Bresheh, I love the name by the way. For my non-Jamaicans, Bresheh is also another name for breadfruit. The name for me gives the products an official Jamaican seal, pure genius!  The backpack styles are wide and varied and the creators are always open to personalization so you can always make your backpack your own.


Let me know your favourite store to shop at in the comments below.

Have a great week.


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