10 Must-Try Jamaican Pastries & Sweet Treats

I’m not one for sweet treats but when it comes to Jamaican pastries sweet is not the only flavour. There’s savoury and a little salty too. A true foodie tries and lets you know the best. So in true foodie fashion, I’ve created a list of all the desserts and treats you should try when visiting Jamaica. If you’re a local and haven’t tried some of these feel free to give them a try and let me know in the comments.

Also if your favourite didn’t make this list please let me know what I’m missing in the comments. Let’s discuss.

If you’re ever visiting Jamaica and you’re looking for the true foodie experience there are a few authentic Jamaican foods you must try. Ackee and Saltfish and Jerk Chicken being at the top of that list.

For those of you with a sweet tooth or a whole sweet mouth I’ve rounded up some of the best Jamaican pastries you must try too.

Plaintain tarts

Rituals has the best plaintain tarts I’ve ever tried. Ever since my boyfriend introduced me to it I’ve been in love. This treat is perfect for the person who isn’t a tremendous sweet fan. I believe the sweetness in this treat comes from the naturally sweet fruit which is baked in a buttery flaky crust.

Jackass corn

A hard biscuit/ flat cookie is what I’d describe it as. It was one of my favourite treats to have as a child.

Peanut brittle

Whole peanuts moulded together in crystalized sugar. It’s not as sweet as one would expect but it’s delectable.

Banana bread

Not exactly unique to Jamaica but it is a flavoursome pastry you can have at breakfast time. A slice with a cup of coffee or tea would be ideal.

Bread pudding

Another famous dessert that Jamaicans have put their spin on. If you’re a bread pudding fan and you’ve had it elsewhere you should definitely try it here.


Grated coconut mixed with brown sugar in a baked pinched crust. Another sweet and savoury treat.

Sweet potato pudding

A popular favourite that bears a special tradition. It’s all in the preparation. A good potato pudding must be crusted on top and the bottom and perfectly moist in the middle. That’s what locals call the hallelujah in the middle. This specially prepared pudding makes for a unique Jamaican experience every time.

Fruit cake

This Christmas treat is a staple for almost every Jamaican home at that time of year. It’s also often the cake of choice for local weddings. Filled with raisins, prunes and local red label wine and baked to perfection, this cake is the perfect dessert after your massive Christmas dinner.

Tamarind Balls

A sour-sweet combination that feels like you’re having a candy rather than a fruit coated in sugar. Tamarinds are a must-try if you’re into candies.

Coconut drops

Similar to the peanut brittle, coconuts bits are moulded together with caramelized sugar. Personally, this is not a favourite of mine because it’s on the sweeter side but if you like sweets you can try it out.

Have a great week.


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