Best Cafes in Kingston To Get A Cup of coffee

Almost every blogger has a photo of themselves in a café sipping on their favourite beverage on a sunny day looking carefree and delighted to be there. I don’t. At least not yet. One day I’ll make it my mission to capture a great moment at one of the best cafes in Kingston.

I had my first blogging session at a café recently when the local electricity provider decided I could do without the commodity on my posting day. I had no intention of letting you my beloved readers down so I packed my laptop and mouse called my sidekick and headed to 24/7 café at the Pegasus hotel in New Kingston to get the work done.

For weeks now I’ve been mulling over the idea of heading to a café for inspiration and to get the famous shot. Ideally, I wanted to visit Café Blue in Irish Town but on that day getting to café blue based on the time of day, was a logistical nightmare. We opted out of it but in searching for an alternate spot I came across many cafés I didn’t know existed.

So if you ever need a place to get some work done and have a cold or warm beverage while you work here are some of the best local cafes in Kingston.

Cafe Blue - Best local Cafe
Cafe Blue, Irish Town

Cafe Blue

Location: Shop 1A Sovereign Center, 106 Hope Road Kingston, Jamaica Kingston 6/ Irish Town, St Andrew/ Rose Hall, Montego Bay

Situated in the cool hills of St. Andrew and in the hub of the city cafe blue caters for everyone.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet in a secluded area with an inspiring view, the Irish town location is where you should visit.

Need a quick spot to grab a cup and go? The sovereign centre location is for you. It’s on hope road so if you live in that vicinity or travel through the area it’s an easy stop to make.

Each cup is made with blue mountain coffee hence the café’s name. At Café Blue you’ll get the full Jamaican coffee experience. But if you’re not a coffee fan they also serve other beverages.

Rituals Coffee House

Rituals Coffee House

Location: Shop 5, Village Plaza, Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

My absolute favourite spot. If you ever visit, try the chicken salad on a blueberry bagel and if you’re not a coffee fan they make great hot chocolate. It’s smack in the middle of the shopping district of Half Way Tree and it’s the perfect spot to start off a shopping day or to have a coffee date.

PS their plantain tarts are to die for!

Cafe Dolce

Location: 114 Constant Spring Road Kingston, Jamaica.

They make a mean smoothie. I first found them at Kingston Kitchen Night market and I have every intention of making my way to their storefront to have something else from their menu. update: I made my way to their storefront as promised and I must report that their food is just as delectable. They’ve completely earned their spot as one of the best cafes in Kingston.

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Cannonball Cafe

Cannonball Cafe

Location: Lower Manor Park Plaza / Barbican Center/ Sovereign North/ New Kingston

Another bucket list café to visit. This café boasts 4 locations making getting your coffee fix even more convenient.

24 Seven Café

Location: 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, New Kingston

The café that saved me that blessed day. It was a Sunday but it was just as busy as I’d imagine any weekday to be. Choosing food was pretty hard since I wasn’t fond of the options available. I did manage to find a tuna sandwich served warm and it was enjoyable. My drink of choice was hot chocolate and it was good too. We struggled a bit to understand how to log on to the wifi with the codes we were given but once we were connected the internet served us well. All in all 24 seven café was a good experience and I’d visit again. The biggest perk is definitely that it’s open all day.

That’s it. My list of the best local cafes in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Sidenote: Starbucks also has franchises in Jamaica but this post is about local cafés.

If I missed any other café let me know in the comments below. Tell me which local cafe is the best for you from the list. Will you be trying any of the others?

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