15 Romantic Date Ideas You Can Do In Kingston

You asked and I answered. I came up with 15 romantic date ideas to do in Kingston. Don’t worry, if you’re not dating these dates can easily be transformed into fun activities for friends, family or just yourself.

Hopefully, after this, you’ll have a steady list of things to do for a few months.

Go bowling

For the couple who loves to have fun together and are a little competitive, bowling is a great option. Jamzone Bowling at Manor Plaza, 195 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston is the only one of its kind in Kingston. Jamzone fuses fun and food together well with the lucky strike lounge being just a few steps away. If you and your partner love to bowl this will be your go-to spot.

It’s also the perfect spot to have fun with a group of friends or family. You should note that weekend bowling rates (Adults: JMD $1350) are a little higher than weekday bowling rates (Adults: JMD $1150) and the maximum number of persons allowed to bowl in a single lane is 6 while the minimum is two.

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Go go-karting

Another one for the thrill-seeking couple! Looking for something fun to do with your date? Try Zoom Karting in Kingston. Zoom Karting gives everyone the opportunity to rent and drive professional Go-Kart and drive with pro racers every Sunday at the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track 1 pm to 5:30 pm.

Get brunch and head there for a few spins around the track and thank me later. The cost to kart with the pros is about JMD $2000 per person.

Paint and sip

I had my first paint and sip experience last Christmas and it was better than expected. My painting skills weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be.

Painting skills aside it was quiet, fun with a group of friends and the general group of painters was small enough to feel cozy and familiar.

All in all the paint and sip experience could be a good first date idea after a good dinner.

Watch a movie

Watching a movie is a staple and a classic. You can’t go wrong watching the latest movie in a genre you both enjoy. It sparks conversation and you’ll get further insight into your partner’s personality.

If you’re going to enjoy a popular movie, get to the cinemas early, get your food if you’re into that and pick your seats. Otherwise, if you’re late or even one time the concession lines may be too long and you won’t get the best pick of seats. Going to the movies is still a big pastime for many Jamaicans so be prepared.

Eat out

A personal favourite of mine. For me, a date just isn’t complete without food. Find a good restaurant and feast like a king. not sure where to choose you can find out my top picks in my Foodscapades category. For more information on where to dine, you can use any of my foodscapades reviews or check out these new recommendations.

Have a picnic

Plan a romantic picnic in the gardens. A bottle of wine, sandwiches and pastries you both can enjoy. A simple, private date where you can spend quality time talking and watching the clouds. If you’re fond of nature and reside in Kingston the Hope Botanical gardens is always a good option for a picnic.

Get a museum tour

There’s the Bob Marley Museum and there’s the National Gallery of Jamaica or even the Money Museum at the Bank of Jamaica. Get to know a bit of Jamaica’s history or art when you take a tour of any of Kingston’s museums.

More interested in art? You could make a date of the Kingston Art Walk in Downtown Kingston.

Make it to the blue mountain peak

For the love of nature and adventure take the trek to the beautiful Blue Mountain Peak. You’re bound to learn a lot about your partner or friends in the process.

Take a mineral bath

Heal your body with a dip in the Rockfort Mineral Bath in Kington. Get the back massage you need where the water spouts. Relax and unwind but don’t get too relaxed as the recommended duration of your swim is 1 hour. At the Mineral Bath, there’s the main pool area as well as 11 smaller private pools of varying sizes.

The mineral bath holds a pretty special place in my heart. I have so many childhood memories from going swimming there every summer. So I definitely recommend it.

Visit the lime cay

Lime cay is situated fifteen minutes away from Port Royal just of the coast of the island. It’s said to have one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Its a popular spot for Kingstonians on a Sunday afternoon but on a regular day you and your date could be all alone.

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See a play

See authentic Jamaican art and talent on display in a local production. it’s the perfect weekday or weekend entertainment fit for a date or for a family outing. Kingston’s main play stages are Centerstage and Pantry Play House

Kingston night market

Set a shopping date. Do you both enjoy Jamaican culture and products shop Jamaican brands at the Kingston Night Market at Hillcrest Avenue.

Stargaze at a lookout point

Are you and your partner night owls? Make the trek to any of Kingstons lookout points for a picturesque view of the city with this date idea. Escape the heat and wear something cozy. Although the city view is totally encapsulating peel your eyes and glance up at the stars for another amazing view. See if you can name a few constellations or invent a few of your own.

Watch the sunset at Palisados

Pack some snacks and head out to the strip at palisades and watch the sunset. This date idea is all about romance. Sit in the car and talk as the sun descends

Watch the planes land at Kingston Harbour

Slow things down with another date where you do nothing but talk and watch things. The world is busy take time to slow down and smell the roses or this case watch the planes land.

There you have it, all my date ideas in Kingston revealed. comment below your favourite date idea. If I missed a good date suggestion do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.


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