Foodscapades: Meet Street and Market Experience

Meet Street and Market Experience

For this episode of foodscapades, all roads led to the Jamaica food and drink festival final event meet street and market.

Meet street and market is an annual event held as a part of the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival. It’s the last event in a week of events typically kicking off in late October. Unlike the other food events established within the week meet street is not food inclusive and as its name suggests it’s a market experience. You pay to enter and purchase food from the vendors on display. To find out more about the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival you can visit their website here.

Now to the meat of the matter

The meet street and market experience was foodie heaven. Imagine being surrounded by all your favourite food vendors with dishes priced perfectly for a feast. That’s exactly what the meet street & market experience was.

For this food festival, I had a game plan. The game plan was to get to the venue at 3 pm, take beautiful, golden-hour photos of myself and my meals for the blog and long story short that didn’t happen.

Instead, I arrived at about 5 pm and tried to make the best of the lighting I had before it got too dark.

Let’s fast forward to the festivities of the evening.

I must commend the organizers for the décor and styling of the event. It was easy to move around the event and the mix of seated and standing eating arrangements was smartly done.

Upon entering the venue I saw some major local brands and there was a brilliant view of the sea.

Sip n Go Juice Bar

First food stop was our favourite food festival smoothie spot. Sip n Go Juice Bar where we had another round of the wildberry smoothie and it was just as delicious as it was the first time.

If you haven’t tried them you need to. They deliver.

5 Spiced

Next, we needed to have an actual meal. I made a beeline for Pink Apron but the line was too long and my partner suggested we try something new. We did our first walk through the venue stopped and chatted it up with some friends and landed on 5 Spiced where I had spicy teriyaki chicken on a bed of curly fries. I could have easily only had this for the night, it was that filling. Unfortunately 5 Spiced is not a dine-in restaurant but they are a catering company so you can find them at food festivals or hire them for your event. If they ever have their truck pop up anywhere near you be sure to check them out.

Mark Chong’s Catering

Following that, I was forced to halt when I saw what Mark Chong’s Catering had on the menu, seafood! Regrettably, I forgot to get a picture of this meal because I was so excited to dig in. I had the grilled lobster bowl and it was delectable. Finger licking good! For only 500 dollars I was offered a grilled lobster tail with my choice of starch and sweet corn. I had to remind myself that these food festivals were a marathon and not a sprint. So I took just the lobster tail and sweet corn to save room for other vendors.

Banyan Catering

Speaking of other vendors, the next vendor that blessed my tummy was Banyan Catering, I’ve heard good things about their jamosas and decided to try it. It was a little too doughy for me but I’m willing to give it another try.

Taco Don

 To end the meet street and market experience we stopped at Taco Don for their tasty jerked chicken tacos. I had these tacos at Kingston Kitchen and had to have them again. I was not disappointed this time around either.

Let me add that the wildberry smoothie held strong almost to the end. After we had our final sips of wildberry we bought a bottle of coconut water to end the night right.

And that was my meet street and market experience. The last event of the Jamaica food and drink festival #jfdf2019 was amazing and it will join my calendar of food events for next year.

Were you at meet street? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments if you were. Or do you plan to go next year? sound off in the comment section below. I love hearing from you.

Have a great week!

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