I Test Drove The 2020 Range Rover Evoque From Land rover jamaica

The landrover experience was like no other. I test drove a Range Rover Evoque and I’m here to tell you all about it.

How did I get to test drive it?

Let’s get straight into it.

I was minding my own business when I got a notification on LinkedIn and it was a message from Land Rover. You can imagine my surprise when it was a message to me offering me the opportunity to book a test drive of their Range Rover Evoque. A car I’d been eyeing on the road for months. Immediately I asked my partner if he received a similar message and he said he hadn’t. That was strange. To think that I was singled out by whatever metric Land Rover chose to use made me think that this must be because I’m a blogger. 

With that reasoning, I decided to take them up on the offer and seize the opportunity to create more lifestyle content for you, my lovely readers.

Where did I go?

For the second time in my life, I had the opportunity to visit the Stewart’s Automotive Gallery and on both occasions, it’s been for work. The stunning gallery is located at 49 1/2 South Camp Road Industrial Estate Kingston 4. The gallery houses the latest high-end vehicles and it was completely a car lovers dream.

What did I see?

This was my first visit to the gallery where are the vehicles were displayed. The last time I visited I was crew on a commercial shoot that only featured one car. This time I was in SUV heaven.

Leading up to the test drive there were a few glitches. On my first visit for the test drive, the Evoque was being cleaned and wasn’t ready to be taken on the road. However, I still got the tour of the vehicle and my wonderful sales representative Mr Henry outlined all the incredible specifications and customization this vehicle had to offer. After the thorough walkthrough of the Range Rover Evoque’s features I was able to drive it around the complex and park it. 

Range Rover Evoque
Inside the Range Rover Evoque

How was the visit?

The first visit wasn’t seamless and honestly, neither was the second visit. For the second time, I took the trip to the auto gallery I fought ridiculous amounts of traffic to get there. Unfortunately, when I got there I was still unable to test drive the Evoque because the test drive was double booked. This meant the test drive had to be postponed yet again. However, on this occasion, I was offered the opportunity to test for a weekend. Unfortunately, this wasn’t ideal for the weekend in question. I already had plans and test driving the Evoque was not feasible.  Instead, I opted to test drive during the following week. But this time my sales representative came to me.


How was the drive?

This is probably the part you all have been waiting for. I finally test drove a Range Rover Evoque! I took her for a spin and it was delightful. It was very easy to drive. The Range Rover Evoque is a compact high-end SUV like no other. Though it’s a compact SUV it has plenty of space for and the seats are adjustable in any way you could think of which maximizes driving comfort.

Another cool feature was my ability to store my customized driving seating choice into the vehicle. That way every time I enter the vehicle I can press a single button and have my seat adjusted to my perfect driving position.

The drive was smooth. Admittedly, I was a little nervous to drive such a glorious vehicle but it was surprisingly comfortable and again very easy to drive. The steering wheel glides through your hands and the drive did not feel like I was operating a heavy-duty vehicle.

You could still feel the bumps from the roads but it was dramatically smoother than on a sedan.

Favourite features

With this SUV there’s a lot to love. Some of my favourite features were:

  1. The head-up display was one of the coolest features on this vehicle. the driver has the option to project information that would be typically displayed on the dashboard onto the windscreen within perfect view. Thus keeping your head up.
  2. With mood lighting, I had the choice of several colours to complete the ambience of the car.
  3. 15 speakers to complete my comfort as an avid consumer of music.

In the end, it was a great experience. It’s a beautiful vehicle stocked full of luxurious capabilities while maintaining premium comfort. Ready to make the Evoque yours?  Visit the Stewart’s Automotive Gallery and ask for Mr Henry.

Still not convinced? Check out all the details on what Range Rover Evoque has to offer in the video below. It’s worth the watch, trust me!

New Range Rover Evoque (2020) – The Most Luxurious Compact Suv EVER!


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