Foodscapades: Hungry Man Ja

Who’s ready for the first food review of 2020?

A few days ago a wonderful opportunity slid into my DMs. I got the chance to try out a Hungry Man Ja signature wrap.

Who is Hungry Man Ja?

A newly redesigned company offering healthy lunches and delivery to the offices/businesses in the Kingston Corporate area. Specializing in wraps and salads. Not interested in the wraps or salads? Hungry Man Ja offers a yellow rice option too.

If you’re outside of Kingston or the corporate area your order may incur an additional $500 fee. Make a group order and you can easily split that cost with your friends/coworkers.

Hungry Man Ja Chicken Wrap
Hungry Man Ja Chicken Wrap

The truly best part is that they deliver. Lunch delivery is done Mondays to Fridays. You don’t have to worry about leaving your office and struggling in crazy lunch hour traffic.

How did it taste?

My favourite part! From the lovely menu provided, I opted for the chicken wrap. Wrapped in a fresh tortilla, I found beans, onions, corn, lettuce and tomatoes and chicken. All coated in a delectable mayo and spicy sauce.

It actually reminded me of the deli sandwich sauce from Tastee but better.

Meat and fresh vegetables working in perfect harmony. You can easily cut down your meat intake with a wrap like this.

Freshly baked tortilla wraps made every bite more divine. The whole wrap was noticeably fresh. Special kudos to Hungry Man Ja for delivering big on taste and freshness.

What are the lunch options?

Although I chose the chicken wrap, there are two other wraps you can choose from; tuna or vegetarian. Hungry Man Ja’s salad offerings are similar to the wrap options (tuna salad, chicken salad and a vegetarian salad).

Next is the yellow rice option. This is served with grilled chicken or if you’re vegetarian you can enjoy it with a serving of chickpeas.

Ready to order?

To make your order you can check out Hungry Man Ja on Instagram. Hosting an event? They cater too!