How To Set Up Your At-Home Work Space

We’re going through a pandemic! It’s real and it’s happening. It’s changing everything even the way we work. For some of us, that means we get to work from home.

Working from home may sound simple but if you’re not cautious you can get yourself into some serious work-life balance trouble. Avoid treating your workdays like your weekends by setting up your home workspace. This important first step is key to a successful working from home experience.

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Here’s what you’ll need to set up your at-home workspace.

A brightly lit area featuring a comfortable table and chair.

Pick a well-lit location

When working from home it’s important to find the right area. After all, you’ll be spending about eight hours of your day there. It needs to be comfortable and the right lighting can make it break it.

Having the right light can determine what your mood will be for the day and can even affect the amount of work you’ll be able to complete.

I suggest using a well-lit room with natural light streaming in. However, if you’re unable to find sunlight opt for a bright bulb in the room you’ll be working in. Position yourself in a way that will allow the light to fully illuminate your work area.

Pick a table

As tempting as working from home in bed may seem I can guarantee you it’s a bad idea. It’s not good for your posture or your workflow. You’ll get more work done sitting upright at a table than you would lying in bed.

Find a table or make a makeshift one and get started working from home.

Pick a comfortable chair

Now that you have your table you’ll need to find a chair. Pick a comfortable one that you can stand sitting on for several hours.

Healthy and not so healthy snacks are welcome

Keep snacks nearby

Lifehack, snacks make everything better. Get some healthy ones or not so healthy ones and feed your munchies while you work.

I get strangely hungry when I work so snacks are a must-have. Keep snacks nearby so

Keep necessary stationery nearby

Just like at your desk at work keep your at-home workspace fully stocked with the stationery you’ll need throughout the day.

Laptop? Check! Notebook? Check! Snacks? Check! Water? Check!

Make a to-do list

Start your day off right by making a list of all you need to do for the day.

Remember to take your breaks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take the time to take a break and have your lunch or refocus. While you’re working from home your work style and pace is for you to decide. Make it work for you and take the breaks you need to be efficient.

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Have a great week!