How To Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramps Naturally

Tired of suffering through menstrual cramps? Tired of popping pills to ease the pain? Looking for an affordable, natural solution? Today I’ll be share with you how I got rid of my menstrual cramps with a natural remedy.

I’ll actually give you the answer right now so you don’t have to wait. The answer to how to get rid of crampy achy periods is simple, add more ginger to your diet.

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How does ginger reduce menstrual cramps?

So, how does it work? Zingibain, the enzyme found in ginger, protects your body from inflammation by inhibiting your body’s prostaglandins production. Prostaglandins are a type of pro-inflammatory chemicals that trigger the contractions of the uterus and help it shed its lining. There’s a direct link between menstrual cramp and the production of prostaglandins. Therefore, ginger, either taken as a dietary supplement or in tea, can help to cure menstrual cramps in a natural way.

Studies done on ginger and its pain-relief benefits indicate that it’s effective in getting rid of menstrual pain (which is medically known as dysmenorrhea). In 2015, scientists went through previously published findings to understand the effects of ginger in dysmenorrhea that isn’t caused by endometriosis. The study, published in Pain Medicine, revealed that ginger was more effective than a placebo in getting rid of period pain. Another study conducted in 2016, didn’t just state that the root vegetable helped more than a placebo, but also that it did a better job of reducing pain than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Furthermore, a research report suggested that the severity of menstrual bleeding can be controlled by consuming ginger. In this clinical trial, posted in Phytotherapy Research 2015, 92 women facing heavy bleeding were fed ginger supplements at regular intervals for three menstrual cycles. The result? The women on ginger supplements experienced a more dramatic reduction in menstrual bleeding than those who were given a placebo.

Emylee –

My story

For years I struggled with crampy, achy periods. But around 6 months ago I noticed I had far less painful menstrual cramps. One month I had cramps the next month I had next to none. You know there were still the pesky first-day cramps that tell you it’s time but after that there was nothing. Absolutely nothing! I was completely surprised.

Immediately I searched through my mind to see what I had changed in my diet. What caused my monthly pains to cease? The only thing I could recall was the addition of ginger tea.

As part of my morning routine I have a cup of tea every morning with my breakfast. Typically I’d have a variation in my tea choices. Sometimes it’s made with garlic, sometimes lime or whatever is on hand.

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Essentially ginger tea made it’s way into my heart and tummy purely by accident. 6 months ago I was struggling to wake up early enough to make breakfast at home so I started having tea at work and the only tea option they have that I enjoy is the ginger. That’s how it started. I started having ginger tea every morning and a month later I noticed I had no cramps.

Ginger has a myriad of other health benefits but fewer, less severe cramps is my favourite.

Rather than pop pain killers all day try out this natural alternate to alleviate your menstrual cramps. Thank me later.

Have a great week!