Best Places To Grab A Pizza In Kingston, Jamaica

Pizza has made its way from Italy and into our homes and hearts. It’s one of my favourite “I’m too lazy to cook meals” or just because it’s Saturday meals.

With working from home and social distancing sill being our new normal finding a quick meal on the days you want to eat out can be tough.

Luckily in Jamaica, most food establishments are still open for business and are offering curbside pickup/take out.

But I’m not the only one who wants to take a break from the kitchen. The fast-food lines are longer and it feels like we’re running out of options. But alas we can have pizzas.

Pizzas come in a wide variety making it hard for you to not like them. Vegan pizza or meat lovers, there’s something for everyone. So I rounded up a list of some of the best places to grab a pizza in Kingston.

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Raffaeles Pizzeria

This restaurant is tucked away in orchid plaza in Liguanea like a secret gem. Italian styled pizzas and other meals are available here and the taste is impeccable. The mozzarella sticks are a must try if you like cheese.

Also, the dining experience can be quite romantic as well with outdoor dining being available.

Dominos or Pizza Hut

These pizza houses need no introduction. You can call in and pick up or go to the storefront to order and wait to pick up. Or of course, you can have it delivered. I wouldn’t recommend ordering for delivery on the weekends at peak hours though.

Pizza Land

This restaurant is another centrally located Italian pizza option for those who live near Liguanea in Kingston. Perfect for a casual date night without the fluff.

Pizza please

Smack in the middle of the Half Way Tree is a cozy Italian pizza spot with the widest variety of pizzas I’ve ever seen. Have you ever tried ackee on a pizza? They have that! If you’re bored of the regular pizza toppings this is the place for you.

Hungry Man Ja

Want to make your own pizza instead? Hungry Man makes homemade pizzas a breeze. Just make your order and they’ll get them to you then preheat that oven and go.

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What’s your favourite place to grab a pizza in Jamaica? and what’s your favourite kind of pizza? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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