Best Places To Go For A First Date In Kingston

Choosing where you go on your first date can be hard. To help I asked my friends over on Instagram for the best places to go on a first date in Kingston.

In order to keep the local economy afloat. the Jamaican government is slowly allowing industries to reconvene. That means, churches and bars are open as well as most other establishments.

People are going back to the office. It’s almost as if things are going back to normal.

Speaking of normal, I don’t know about you guys but I’m longing to have a date night outside my home. While I’ve been waiting I’ve been readying my bucket list with date ideas.

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Lately, my 15 romantic date ideas list has been getting increased traffic and I think you guys are just as eager as I am to have some fun yet safe times outdoors.

So if you’re thinking about taking a special someone on a date? Not sure where to go? Here are a few suggestions that you can use that will be sure to impress.

These suggestions were polled and provided by real Jamaicans.

First Date Ideas in Kgn

Restaurant Date

I love a good restaurant date. It’s simple and allows you a good opportunity to talk with your date. Here are a few of the recommendations made by my Instagram friends.

Ribbiz Ocean

Currently there are two Ribbiz locations in Kingston. I’d consider Ribbiz Ocean to be the more romantic of the two. This restaurant features a view from the Kingston harbour into the Caribbean Sea.

Ribbiz Ocean indoor dining
Ribbiz Ocean outdoor dining area

Terra Nova

Terra Nova Hotel Brunch

An upscale hotel located in the middle of the city with all the trimmings if a classy and expensive date. You can expect premium customer service and delightful dishes.

Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine

Another restaurant with an impeccable view. But this time you’ll be overlooking the city. Welcome to Asian dining in style with a partner with similar tastes. They’ll be impressed.

Sora Sky Japanese at night


It’s always Friday here. So if your date enjoys a party atmosphere and loves food, TGIF is right for you.

TGIF Jamaica

Personally I like quieter restaurants so if that interests you as well here are a few options;

Fromage Brasserie

South Avenue Grill

Jamaica Liquor Warehouse

Cru Bar & Grill

For more local restaurants you can dine at see the link below.

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Seek out adventure

If restaurants aren’t your style, don’t worry. Some Instagram responses recommended these adventurous date ideas:

Somewhere with a pool


To go go-karting in Kingston you’ll need to head to palisadoes.

Rocket Go-Karting Experience

Zoom Go-Karting

Get Cultured

Take on somewhere historical. Jamaica is full of historical sites to visit and Kingston has quite a few. Make it educational and you’ll have loads to talk about throughout your date.

Devon House / restaurant

Picnic at Hope Gardens


This one is outside of Kingston but a good walk on the beach is undeniably romantic. Add a beachside meal to that and you’re already on your way to his/her heart I’m sure.

Hellshire for seafood and sea breeze