Prescription Glasses For Less Than $30

Yes, it’s possible to find prescription glasses for less than $30.

Let me introduce you to my little friend, Firmoo.

Firmoo is an online glasses store that will make your glasses dreams a reality for only a fraction of the usual cost.

Whether you’d like prescription lenses or clear lenses Firmoo has it.

They also have a wide assortment of frames to suit your style and budget.

Recently I made my second purchase from Firmoo and I was happy with my purchase yet again. I even made a video about them.

My first pair…

Originally, the first frames I received were free provided I reviewed the product on my Instagram.

I was given a bunch of frames to choose from. Once I chose the frames I wanted I proceeded to pay for the shipping and the glasses arrived much faster than I anticipated.

Within a week my shipping agency informed me the glasses were ready for pickup. I tried them on and have been in love with clear frames ever since.

Despite the current pandemic my second set of glasses arrived quickly and in fine condition.

Above is the first pair I received in 2019.

How to order from Firmoo

My simple experience can be yours too.

First, all you’ll need is your prescription from your optician. In addition to your prescription, you’ll need to know your pupil distance. You can ask your optician to provide that as well.

Second, visit the firmoo website and select the frames of your dreams. Choose the lens of your choice. Single vision, blue light blocking or transitions you get to choose. Then just place your order and wait.

Before you place your order use my discount code and get 50% off.

My new pairs…

Below are the latest pairs I purchased. Both pairs cost a total of US$30. If you’re coming from Instagram you may have seen these a few weeks ago.

Why should you buy glasses from Firmoo?

Lastly, if you’re not already convinced you should be buying glasses from Firmoo here are few more reasons why you really should:

  • it’s affordable
  • accurate prescription
  • fast delivery
  • stylish frames and a wide selection
  • quality frames