Jamaican Food Bloggers You Should Know

Hey foodies and friends! We haven’t had a Foodscapades post in a long time but that changes today! In typical foodscapades style, we are unearthing a foodie’s paradise in the form of Jamaican food bloggers.

If you thought local food bloggers didn’t exist you thought wrong. Jamaica isn’t short on bloggers and it’s no different in the food department. From where to dine and at what price to what’s tasty and what’s not, food bloggers are sharing it all.

Jamaica has a wide landscape for food adventures and who better to showcase it than local food bloggers.

So today I’m curating a list of my favourite Jamaican food bloggers that you should know. However, there is a slight twist, these foodies will be introducing themselves to you. These food lovers will be sharing how they got started and why all in their own words.

First on the list is WongaGyal.

Wonga Gal

WongaGyal is a vibrant exploration of culture through food, curated by Tiana Chung. I travelled a lot in 2018 – I called Trinidad “home” for 4 months, spent time in Jamaica, New York and Atlanta, visited Cuba and St. Croix and passed through the Haitian subset of Miami. I grew up with an intense curiosity for food (having been raised in a food-centric Chinese Jamaican family) but it wasn’t until these travels that I began to appreciate all the culturally & historically rich stories that a single meal can portray.

Ending 2018 with a monstrous amount of food photos in my camera roll, I started WongaGyal on Instagram to share my foodie adventures with those willing to join me on the ride. Since then, I’ve expanded from words and pictures to local food tours (WongaTours), a blog (wongagyal.wordpress.com) and a podcast (WongaGyal: The Podcast).

My goal is for both dry land and overseas tourists of Jamaica to be able to appreciate the diverse food landscape here on the island, and to approach every meal with the understanding that each bite is rich in more than just flavour.

So join me on this foodtastic journey! Follow me on IG @wongagyal, subscribe to the WongaGyal Youtube channel, listen to new podcast episodes on all platforms every other Wednesday at 12PM and email me at wongagyal@gmail.com to curate your own personalized food tour.

Next we have Traipse Food.

Traipse Food

Traipse started back in the summer of 2016 as a blog from the perspective of a foodie that was finding more dishes that were not in his usual eating experience.

A wandering appetite and an eye for the appetizing; Traipse.food was started to feed that wandering spirit, hence the name, traipse which means to drift or to roam. It [Traipse] is best summed up by the tagline “Traipse…for good food”, that captures the point of the blog to find good food anywhere, whether it’s in our own kitchen, a restaurant, or any other place.

The blog was meant for home cooks, foodies, young adults that wanted more food, and were willing to try either making it, through the ideas shared, or trying it through some of our own pop-ups and other recommendations.

Honestly, it was for people like the foodie who started it. A person who is not necessarily a consistent home cook that will try the most ambitious dishes but is still dissatisfied with their usual menus and options. A person who wants more variety and maybe something that will excite them.

Third there is Tilly from Madam_alwayshungry.

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Madam Always Hungry

Hey there, my name is Tilly and I run a food blog on Instagram called madam_alwayshungry. My account mirrors my curiosity and love for travel and exploring various cuisines.

I started my blog in 2018 for the sole purpose of finding a creative outlet. The blogging world was very new to me but I always knew it would be about food, my love language. Initially, I wasn’t focused on the followers (neither did I have any) but I rather worked on my content.

My journey has always inspired me to make new dishes and try out food from multiple locations on the island (or) other countries. I tend to capture my food in a very visually appetising way – it will almost make you hungry.

Someone once said, “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” So, along with my pics, I briefly describe the dish, such as, where I got it from, the cost, recipes and much more. Gradually, my following increased. The foodie-community is so loving and supportive. They always encourage me to step my game up.

My target audience encompasses people who are either passionate foodies, food bloggers, food photographers or people who just follow me to have flavor added to their feed. In the words of the legendary Julia Child, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

My food blog is a work in progress and thanks to everyone, it is constantly growing, in every way possible; especially because of the endless support of my family and friends. My aim for this blog is to inspire and always be inspired.
#StayHungry – Madam Always Hungry

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Jamaican food bloggers are great so far right. Here’s the fourth one.

Food Crave Ja

Hi, my name is Felesha Francis, owner of the Instagram page @foodcraveja. FoodCraveJa was created with the initiative to embrace my love for food from a variety of local cuisines and also home-cooked meals. This blog is also used as an advertising medium for the many different options offered in Jamaica.

So for example, if you are going on a date with that special someone or just looking for a nice place to eat with friends. I provide recommendations to restaurants I’ve been to and foods that I’ve eaten. I believe in 100% honesty and if the food or restaurant service is not good, I will make sure to include the details. I plan to expand my blog to the point where, top tier and newly introduced restaurants are partnering with me to advertise their brand and cuisines, give reviews and provide recommendations.

I have seen where companies that I’ve tagged in a post of me advertising their products, contacted me to express their gratitude, and this is what this blog is about. My love for food, an advertising medium, and a place to share my experience with other food-loving people.

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Manish The Food Blogger

I’m Manish and my page name is manishthefoodblogger. I started this food blog just over a year now and I started just for fun, I just wanted to share my food pics. Later on, I decided to be more intentional about it all and I started sharing more. Also visited more restaurants, tried different foods, I wanted to share my full experience through my photographs. Now
I would like to continue to grow my blog by travelling more in search of food, visiting places I’ve never been and eating what I’ve never had and sharing my experience.

Eat Roun’ Di Cut

Hi! I’m Sabriena and I’m a certified foodie! The name of my food blog is Eat Roun’ Di Cut which was derived from the patois term “roun’ di cut”, which kinda means “anywhere around town”. For e.g. “Dem serve the best food roun’ the cut.

I started the blog because I love to eat out and I am a writer so I decided to combine the two passions! The aim of the blog is to provide people with valuable info on where they can find different kinds of food as well as to provide detailed reviews on the meals and the entire dining experience.

Subsequently, I don’t have a set target audience as everyone loves food and can find the information that I provide incredibly useful. I can be found on Instagram and Facebook at Eat Roun’ Di Cut or at my website @ www.eatroundicut.wordpress.com

Eatfinityandbeyond is my bonus blogger, she’s not Jamaican but she sure does eat like one.

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My Instagram page is eatfinityandbeyond. I came up with this name because although focussed on food (eatfinity), I also wanted to document my Jamaica journey (andbeyond).

I started the page for two reasons.

1- I eat out way too much and I wanted to document all the cool (and not so cool) meals I eatin Jamaica

2- Not being Jamaican, I wanted to showcase the beauty of Jamaica to people around the world as well as places they can visit or eat if they ever visit this beautiful island.

I really love Jamaica and what to experience all it has to offer and not just the ‘tourist stuff’.
I look forward to sharing experiences with my audience and showcasing Jamaica to the world.


876bellyaz that’s the name, why that name u may ask? Cause me looooove my belly. I’ve always wanted an IG food page but I was always afraid of criticism but while in lockdown and not working I saw this as the perfect time to take the plunge.

I use this page just to share good vibes and good food because who doesn’t like that? For me it’s never going to be about the amount of followers but just the impact I’m able to make.


The Naommings Food blog is really my place for expression as a culinary artist. I really enjoy eating and making food. I have also found a love for food photography as well, so after months of encouragement and well needed pushing from some very supportive friends and family, I knew I couldn’t continue to keep all these pictures to myself.

Naommings is where I come to put my art on display. At first, it started off just as a platform to show my friends and family what I made or some really good food I have eaten, but it has expanded to be not just friends and family but many, many foodies and friends of friends and friends of family who are enjoying my content. Before starting this blog, I had no idea how big the local food blogger community was and I feel so blessed to be welcomed so warmly.

The Naommings Blog


Crav’nish is food and all it entails – Lifestyle, Culture, Livity. We describe Food Lifestyle as how you eat. It is unique to you. Whether Vegetarian, Pescatarian Flexitarian or Fruitarian, we want to constantly educate and introduce our audience to new ways of interacting with food. Because we all need it.

Crav’nish was started in 2018 but really found its footing in 2019, when we first partnered with DownDiRoad Ja on our Jerk Pan Docuseries. Crav’nish is the brainchild of Ayesha Barnett, one half of the duo behind the food blog brand. “Crav’nish was birthed out of my love for food-the colours, the flavours, the variety and a great need to express that creatively”. The concept was later introduced to brand partner Tennyson Rhoden, as he was asked to bring his expertise on food to the brand.

Ayesha is a writer for Indulge Food and Wine Magazine and a self-proclaimed foodie. She focuses on the marketing of the brand and pushing the content in a way that is appealing to our audience. Tennyson is is a certified dietician and nutritionist. “He brings the health aspect to what is featured, so we’re not always just pushing what tastes good but what is good for you and the best ways to have food nourish our bodies and still taste good.” Together the Team aims to bring diversity to how we[people] eat, engage and enjoy food, while also ensuring there is a healthy balance. “The aim is to always inspire our audience to try something new and challenge the norms we’re accustomed to where food is concerned.”

DownDiRoad Ja is our main brand partner and we usually partner with them on most projects.


From time to time I always enjoyed viewing pictures and videos of food on Instagram and being a “Foodie” myself, I would always be enthused. One of my favourite things to do was going out to restaurants and small lunch dates were I would gather many pictures on my phone.

As a result, I am typically the go-to person for recommendations for the best restaurant and something “good ” to eat as my friends would put it. Whether it was for a birthday, anniversary the question would come to me. The thrill of this was when I discovered that I was one of the persons best fitted to start a food blog.

I decided to extend my appreciation by starting eat_xplore_share. The aim of eat_xplore_share  is to provide interesting pictures and reviews of various food places in Jamaica and eventually worldwide. Essentially, I want this food blog to attract and influence any and everyone who enjoys exploring food because it’s not really about what we eat, but how we feel about eating it.

Foodie Tash

If I were to sit here and pinpoint one specific thing that brings me incomparable joy, it would undoubtedly be the aspect of food. Not only is it a personal passion of mine, but this topic burns fire to my core that is truly hard to contain. Everything food and food affiliated encompasses my life and its journey.

Now walk with me … If you know me and were asked to describe me in one word it would be “foodie” and with that said it only made complete sense that I named my blog “Foodiee Tash”.

Growing up in Jamaica I often surrounded myself and was absorbed by different types of cuisines, spices, mixtures, and anything geared towards the culinary arts. This became a part of my life since as far back as my mind allows me to go. Starting with different homemade recipes, internet searches, and readings, over time my desire expanded, and my yearning became this insatiable hunger, both literal and metaphorical, for food.

What I wish to accomplish through this blog is to bring my fellow food lovers, of all ages, on a journey where I put on display the various dishes I’ve personally tried all while highlighting the myriad of places that are out there for those curious about starting their own experience.

If you are looking for great cuisine, great ambiance, a solid and unbiased review as well as just finding somewhere to eat out on a budget, my blog provides just that. As we go forward my audience can look forward to me starting a YouTube channel and vlog that will see me going all around of this beautiful island, trying dishes and bringing you to different spots in all parishes. Stay tuned!

Lastly, there is quickrun876!


Hiii my sunshiiiines! My name is Asha & in a nutshell, I loooveeee making quick runs (LOL). The birth of QuickRun876 came in 2019 at a time when I felt an immense push to share my passion for food and travel with my friends, IG fam and strangers who I came across with tons of questions about Jamaica and what we have to offer.

As a professional dry-land tourist (especially during the time of COVID-19) exploring our beautiful island and documenting everything I come across has given so much joy to myself and others. My content is for anyone worldwide with an avid appreciation, budding appreciation or simple curiosity surrounding food from all cultures, hidden gems or Jamaican culture.
Come join our IG family as we mek our next QuickRun! Look out for the official blog & Youtube content veryyyy soon.


WhatsNewOnTheMenu is a journey chronicled through vibrant, mouth-watering images and honest to goodness testimonials of curator PinkPeachhh (Vanessa Hartley).

Friends would ask what’s the new place to eat at, or “I feel for “x”, where can I get it?” or “where’s a good place for a group to eat on a xxx budget?” and that’s when I realised that my dining experiences were coming in handy for people who wanted to know. So in 2018, the IG blog started. One year later, after the ethnic fatigue of the false start wore off, I restarted with an increased hunger and haven’t slowed down since.

I’ve always loved cooking, got that bit from my mom, but my food curiosity grew when I could afford to eat out… hahahaha. I wanted to see what was out there and who was serving it up best and who wasn’t. And that has now developed into the meat of the matter of what WhatsNewOnTheMenu is about.

Working on taking the next step, I continue to share my culinary journeys, large or small, good or bad, with ANYONE who is willing to listen and don’t mind salivating at stomach grumble inducing pictures. From the folks who want to know where to go to find what they crave, to the restaurants who want to hear what their customer’s culinary experience was like. 

So continue to journey with me, as I follow my belly, to find what’s new on the menu!

Jamaican Foodie Chronicles

The name of the blog is Jamaican Foodie Chronicles. Everyone loves a good meal whether at home or on the road, to me a ‘foodie’ is more than just a food lover.

A foodie is a restaurant connoisseur, a taste and flavour pioneer, a lover of all things relating to the pallet and the ultimate food destination guide. That’s exactly what Jamaican Foodie Chronicles is. As the name ‘chronicles’ suggest, there has to be a journey. So this blog is all about a Jamaican girl’s journey through Jamaica with her pallet.

Its aim is to capture food through the lens of passion and creativity. Jamaican Foodie Chronicles is meant to be a guide for not only Jamaicans but anyone visiting our beautiful island. It’s can be very frustrating to choose where to eat some days and who doesn’t like the adventure of trying new foods, in the blog you’ll notice in the highlights a Foodie Guide. It’s just as the name suggests.

Finding whatever you want to eat through the guide, no more guessing, deliberating or even sometimes arguing about where to go. Through the foodie guides you can find where you want to go based on your ‘food mood’ and have a complete and basic rundown of the restaurant, caterer, pop-up, bakery- just know that once it serves food, it will be in the guides.  Persons are always welcomed to check out the written blog as well on various food places for a more in-depth review. As the page grows, I hope that the pallets of our followers grow as well. 


Where’s The Food, Jo? is a Published Food Blog that recommends the best eats and treats locally and internationally to foodies all across the world. My friends and family would always ask where I got the meals I’d post on my IG so the page was created to satisfy their curiosity.

Since its inception in May 2016, owner Jo Will has covered and featured local Culinary Events, Restaurants, Chefs, and Jamaican made products + more! A feature on #WTFJo means you have received the stamp of approval from one of the go-to blogs in Jamaica. Let the pictures whet your


Hi everyone I’m love-to-nyam👋🏽
Lovetonyam came about from my earliest memory of hearing the statement “you love to nyam eee”. As a child, I always found the most joy when being around food; whether it was ordering food from a restaurant, cooking dinner with my Grandma, talking about food and most of all eating it! My love for food has been there from the very start and has only intensified as I have gotten older.

I have always wanted to showcase the culinary delights that Jamaica has to offer. In addition, I wanted to use food as a way to broaden my horizons and explore new cultures and that’s how Lovetonyam was created.

There is no specific target audience for Lovetonyam – just an appreciation for food! I welcome all foodies; from the ones who just love food like I do or someone who simply wants a recommendation for a meal.

And that’s a wrap!

Those are my top picks of Jamaican food bloggers you should know. In the comments below let me know who your favourite was and why. Also if you have a personal favourite I didn’t pick, leave me a comment with their information.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simplycandinicole/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_7R4xfZN5g050EI7f7UlYg