What It’s Like Being Newlyweds In A Pandemic

In honour of my half-year anniversary, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some insight into what it’s been like as newlyweds during a pandemic.

This pandemic shifted my way of life. Since March I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home and so has my husband. As a result, our new normal has been spending every waking moment together.

For some, that might seem scary and unnatural but for us, there’s never been a dull moment. Of course, each day has its normal ebbs and flows. We talk, we work, we don’t talk and we don’t work. All the normal workplace interactions or lack thereof.

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6 months later and we’re still at it. sometimes we work in the same room and other days we don’t but ultimately we’re never really too far apart. At the 6 month mark, we grow tiresome but not of each other but of not being able to go outside.

To properly share what it’s been like as covid newlyweds I thought of a few questions I think would help understand what it’s been like.

1. Did we fight more? Or have more disagreements?

Nope. Actually we had more disagreements when were shopping for our apartment. We had different tastes in home furnishings and struggled a bit in the beginning with decisions.

2. Did we get tired of each other?

We haven’t grown tired of each other yet but we’re still young. I joke. But we really haven’t gotten tired of each other. Of course, we’re not always in the best mood but we know how to navigate each other in those times.

What we are tired of is working. the cycle of working all day (and night sometimes) has been taxing. I think we are due a vacation.

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3. Were we bored?

Not at all. Between both of us, we have way too much on our plates to ever really be bored. Besides work, chores and typical adult responsibilities take up almost all of our time. But in our spare time, we played games together, watched way too many movies and worked on individual personal projects.

4. Did we run out of things to talk about?

We’ve had some of the best debates and conversations about current topics/issues during this pandemic. Social media tends to spark a lot our talks and it’s been insightful discussing topics I care about with my partner.

5. Do we miss anything from pre covid life?

Yes, it’s been great as a newlywed navigating this pandemic life but there are still some things we miss:

  • Dining at restaurants for date night – we’ve had a lot of dinner dates in our dating phase and we have every aim to keep that going in our marriage. Plus we still have a number of restaurants to tick off our bucket list.
  • Date days/nights ( the kind that took us on an adventure) – not all dates are about food and for us, we like to try new things and explore our country and these are the types of dates I’m referring to here.
  • Travelling – we didn’t have a big wedding because of covid so some of our family members weren’t able to cross the borders see us so we’d love to go visit them.
  • Surprise gift-giving – prior to covid we would always surprise each other with little gifts and visits but since we spend most of the time together ( even while shopping) it’s been tricky managing to surprise the other person. We still do the gifts just without the surprise.

All in all these past few months have been good. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to be in lockdown with. As such I’m dubbing these past few months working from home with my husband the long honeymoon.

Side note: we had our actual honeymoon months after the wedding because the hotel we booked was closed at the time of the wedding.

Despite actually having to work from home ruining the romance of the “honeymoon” experience the time spent together is something I’m grateful for.

Had everything been as normal we’d be spending the majority of our time together asleep. Commuting to work and home before curfew. The thought alone is enough for me to be grateful we have this time together. There will be a time soon enough when things will be back to normal.

I feel like we’ve unlocked a new level of love and appreciation for each other.


Wake up

Make breakfast


Start work

Lunch break/water cooler chat


Make dinner



Have a great week!


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