How To Make A Budget Christmas Feel Luxurious

Christmas on a budget but make it fancy. Who said you can’t save your money and have a great Christmas? Here are my top tips to make a budget Christmas feel luxurious.  

It’s the holiday season but we still have our goals we want to achieve within the new year. Remembering your goals in this time is hard because the sales are endless and the ads just keep coming.

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Buy the gifts you need and forget the rest

Being on a budget doesn’t mean denying yourself. It means you’re more careful about managing your finances. As such you can factor your shopping needs into the budget. You’ve saved all year it’s time to reward yourself and treat your loved ones.

Identify an amount you can spend during this period and stick with it. If it will help you can even make a list of all the things you’d like to buy.

Save your shopping for the holiday season

To make it feel like you’re spoiling yourself save the shopping for this time of year.

For me, I like to schedule my shopping. I typically buy into summer sales and the end of year sales.

Having all the things you’ve waited and saved for all year arrive during the holiday season is bound to put you in a good mood.

Indulge your senses

If you’re into scents like I am. You can invest in a can or candle of your favourite scent and light it up on self-care Sundays for added luxury.

I have a stock of candles and sprays all year round but if you’re new to this I promise your investment can last you up to a year. Since we’re on a budget you can pick up a glade candle or support a local artisan candle shop.

Set the mood with your favourite music or movie and kick your feet up.

Make yourself a fancy dinner

This one is for those who enjoy cooking. If that’s you, pick up some new ingredients and whip up your favourite dining out dish at home. Plate your dish like the pros and you have fine dining at home.  

Make your own holiday spritzer

Tired of boring old wine? Miss getting your favourite cocktail or mocktail from your favourite bar? I know the feeling. Try making a holiday spritzer to enjoy with your fancy dinner this Christmas.

They do say you eat with your eyes first and ‘m sure your dinner and spritzer will be a sight to behold that you’ll love.

Happy holidays!

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