What To Do When You Have Adult Acne

The current bane of my existence. Adult acne is a pain both figuratively and literally (if you have cystic acne you know what I mean). There’s no sugar-coating it, it can make you feel insecure and anxious. It can lower your self-esteem. Essentially, acne at any age can really kick your butt in the mental health department. But how do you overcome this? Here’s what you should do if you have adult acne.

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1. Be gentle

The truth is acne is a completely normal and popular occurrence. Being aggressive with it won’t rid you of it any faster. Take a breath and step away from the mirror. Treat your skin with the love and kindness it deserves. You are still you so be gentle with yourself.

You may not recognize yourself and that’s a painful thought yu’ll need time to adjust so be gentle with you self mentally.

Also be gentle with your elf physically. Try to avoid picking at pimples or being rough with your skin. You don’t want to worsen the issue.

2. Use simple products

If you’ve noticed recent changes in your skin, you may want to grab that new acid acne treatment you’ve heard about all over the internet but don ‘t. Instead try to include gentle, hydrating products into your skincare. Some skin issues (like dryness, irritation and redness) stem from a damaged skin moisture barrier. Adequately hydrating your skin may just rid of you of your acne flare-up.

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3. Consult a professional

Your best chance at beating adult acne is with professional help. Whether help comes in the form of a dermatologist or naturopath, the choice is yours. Seeking help should be your first step to recovering your skin. A professional will be able guide you in analysing your skin and making informed recommendations for treatment.

4. Remember who  you are

It’s easy to feel like you’ve morphed into a person you no longer recognize but you’re actually very much the same at your core. Despite the physical changes, you are a beautiful person inside and out.

5. Don’t stress about it

Having acne is stressful but stress makes you break out. Break the cycle by spending time focussing your energy on things that make you happy. The less stress you incur the faster your skin will improve. Before you know it you’ll be back to your old appearance.

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