Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’ve been busy like I have and haven’t bought your mom a gift yet, don’t worry. I made this list of thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas just for you.


You can’t go wrong with slipping her an envelope of cash so she can but herself whatever she needs most.

This is particularly for the moms who don’t care for self care items. If you’re not sure what to get her give her the gift of choice by gifting her cash.

Pay a bill

Take some responsibility off her hands this year by paying a bill. This Mother’s Day gift idea will be one she’s sure to appreciate.

If you’re a child who knows mom well enough to know what bill to handle go ahead and make her day.

Spa treat

Treat your mom to a spa day with all the amenities you know she’ll love.



It’s always nice to eat out. Give mom the gift of getting dressed and going somewhere nice to eat. In Jamaica this is the traditional Mother’s Day gift idea.

A mini vacation

Nothing says I love you like an all expense paid trip. Tell mom to pack her bags for the weekend because she’s going somewhere she won’t need to lift a finger. For affordable hotel vacation check

Buy her favourite fragrance

Everyone loves to smell as good as they look. Restock her favourite scent and keep her smelling fabulous.

New plant or gardening equipment

If your mom loves her plant babies help her give them new pots or get her some tools to make her gardening process easier.

Exercise equipment

Help mom maintain her health buying a few low impact sports equipment. Maybe a yoga mat or an age appropriate exercise video program.

Pay for an online class

Is there a online course of study she’s been eager to take. Surprise her with it! This unconventional Mother’s Day gift idea is one fit for an education lover.

New purse/handbag

These age old gift never fail. Every woman could use a new bag or purse. Just remember to get one that suits her style.


Opt to buy mom her favourite type of jewelry – earrings, necklaces or bracelets. You may even consider personalizing it to make even more special.

Scented candle

Shop a beautiful decorative scented candle to add to her collection or gift her a new scent you know she’ll love.

Skincare products

Steal a look at her stash and see what’s running out then surprise her with a restock of her favourites.

Fitness watch

Help mom track her steps and overall fitness with a fitness watch.

Fresh bedding

Who doesn’t love fresh sheets? Buy mom some new luxurious bedding fit for the queen that she is.

New kitchenware

For all those delicious meals she’s made and all the dinner parties she has hosted she deserves a refresh. Buy her a new pot set, glassware or silverware to update her supply.

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day ?

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