5 Things You’ll Need For Your Next Vacation in Jamaica

The best part of living in Jamaica is not having travel too far away for an amazing vacation. A few weeks ago my husband and I took to Montego Bay to celebrate our anniversary and unlike other trips I was prepared. Here are the five things you’ll need for your next vacation in Jamaica.


Jamaica is a sunny island. On a typical fair weather day the sun is out from dawn till sunset. If you’re traveling from where sunlight or sun exposure is not as common. This change in lighting will be a major adjustment for your eyes and frankly not that good for them either. So to protect your eyes and face from the sun rays that will undoubtedly give you a tan, don’t forget to pack your favourite UVA/UVB blocking glasses.

You should also note that the heat from the sun is no joke. If you’re thinking about spending a lot of time outdoors I’d recommend you plan to do so between the hours of 8-10am and 3:30-7pm. At these times you can get the benefit of the sunlight without the unbearable heat. These hours also make for the best photos #goldenhour!

Skincare items I packed for my vacation in Jamaica


You can’t protect your eyes from the sun and not your skin, right? Before packing your bags for a vacation in Jamaica stock up on a good (preferably reef friendly) sunscreen. I have sensitive skin so I packed two. I had My Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defence sunscreen lotion for my face and my Banana boat sunscreen for my body. The Neutrogena sunscreen is the only sunscreen I’ve found to not cause breakouts.

Armed with sunscreen you’re ready to have some fun in the sun.

Water shoes

If you’re an adventurer like I am, water shoes will come in handy on your trip. Whether it’s for that trip to Dunn’s River Falls or a muddy ATV ride at Chukka Cove Adventures these easily washable shoes will be the smartest purchase you’ll make. For falls climbing, water shoes provide grip that will prevent scary slips on a slippery rock. And for muddy treks or rides water shoes are easily washable so you won’t need to worry about ruining your shoes.

Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body wash & other Toiletries

While hotels do provide you with soap, shampoo and even conditioner if you’re particular about your self-care essentials you’ll want to pack your own. Coupled with the small product sizes of the toiletries the hotel will likely provide even if you aren’t picky about bath soaps and the like it would still be a good idea to take your own and don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste!

Hat or visor

Add some extra sun protection and style to your vacation look by packing a wide brimmed hat or visor. I bought a visor from amazon for my last trip and it was stylish and practical. It was the perfect hat to protect my skin while I wafted around the lazy river.

When fading acne scars and using acids and retinoids protecting the skin is extremely important. The sun protection items I’ve mentioned here today are inspired by my new knowledge of skincare. So if you’re like me and your skincare routine includes acids and retinol never plan a vacation in Jamaica without packing these items.

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