Are Headband Wigs The Best Protective Style?

Headband wigs have been rising in popularity over the last two years. You’ve probably seen an ad or two telling you about them. And it’s not hard to see why. Headband wigs offer a level of ease that other wigs don’t. Regardless of your skill level headband wigs can be quickly installed for a polished look. Whether you’re a busy woman on the go or the fit gal who likes to look great while she works out this kind of wig makes looking your best simple.

Are headband wigs really the best protective style?

In my book, yes! After all, protective styles are hairstyles that preserve the integrity of your hair without undue stress to the hair. Headband wigs do exactly that. Your ends are moisturized and tucked away which is great for retaining length.

How does the headband wig protect your hair?

It prevents breakage – by keeping the ends of your hair away from your shoulder.

No tension – you avoid traction alopecia and other tension based hair loss because your hair can be comfortably styled beneath the wig.

Hair access – unlike full wigs headband wigs allow you access to your hair whenever you need it. This allows you to apply hair treatments as often as you’d like.

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Headband wig brands I recommend

1. Luvme Hair Review

Headband wigs are actually quite diverse. Straight, kinky curly or wavy, you name it and some hair supplier has it. Currently, I have two headband band wigs in my stash and I want to introduce you to the newest member. I received this wig as part of a collaboration with Luvme Hair. After browsing the site and conducting some ‘Youtube research’ I chose the Jerry Curl Headband wig because it mimics an afro curly texture.

This product was shipped to me within 5 days. The packaging is beautiful. Each wig is luxuriously boxed in a sturdy purple box wrapped in a bow. Inside the box, there were all sorts of goodies. My wig came with 5 top quality headbands, an iridescent pouch with an edge brush, hairpins, ILUVME hairpin, edge wrap and an instruction sheet.

As I took the hair out of the package I could see that this hair was full. This headband wig is only or those who enjoy big hair because his hair is fluffy and will grow in volume as the days progress.

The curls on this wig are about a 3c/4a. After washing the wig the texture didn’t change very much. I watched a few videos where the jerry curl wig arrived tightly defined and had to be combed out and wet with water to achieve the true curl pattern. But the hair I received was true to texture from the moment I opened the package.

Where can you get a LUVME hair headband wig?

Shop your new wig from their website or on amazon. Use my code “CandiN” for 20% off your first order.

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2. Hair’s is for the girls

My first headband wig was a giveaway prize I won from Hair’s for the girls on Instagram and I received their deep wave unit. Another gorgeous wig but this time in 16 inches. If you’re a fan of the deep wave texture with a natural-looking density this wig provides that.

Each wig is vastly different from the other. But what they do have in common is convenience and protection for your hair. No expensive braid appointments, no tireless stylist hunt just a quick style switch up with a beginner-friendly headband wig.

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